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If you're just beginning your ACT prep or are feeling study fatigue, Varsity Tutors can get you started in a Madison ACT prep course that may provide you with a more thorough review than the one you might be able to get on your own. Though you may be a couple of years away from college, you're probably already considering which schools you would like to attend and how to put yourself in a position to gain admittance into your dream school. Most students in Madison, including those at Middleton High School and West High school, take the ACT as their college admissions exam of choice. Your score on the ACT can play a critical role in your college application package, so it is in your best interest to make sure that you are well prepared come test day.

Enrolling in a Madison ACT course gives you access to an online classroom led by an expert instructor. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers to advance your understanding of test subjects. Varsity Tutors can provide you with test prep materials that accurately reflect the content you can expect to encounter on the ACT. There's no longer any need to put off studying because you don't know what to study or where to begin. A Madison ACT course can break the exam down by section, providing you with a blueprint to build your study time around.

What can a Madison ACT class help me review?

The ACT is broken down into four sections: Math, English, Reading, and Science. You will also have the option of completing a fifth section, the Writing section. With just under three hours to complete the four main sections and an extra 40 minutes to complete the writing section, you will need to work efficiently in order to cover all the material. The breadth of content that the ACT covers necessitates refined test-taking skills and a wide range of foundational subject knowledge. Here we will break down the different portions of the test to give you deeper insight into what you will need to prepare for.

The Math section is a 60-minute test containing 60 questions designed to measure the mathematical skills students have typically learned in courses taken up to the beginning of grade 12. You can expect to be tested on pre-algebra, elementary and intermediate algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It is important to have a strong grasp of mathematical concepts such as functions, interpreting equations, and geometric calculations, among others, to succeed in this section of the test.

In the English section, you will encounter 75 multiple-choice, passage-based questions that measure your understanding of English and knowledge of language skills. You will have 45 minutes to complete this portion of the exam. Refining your general understanding of the conventions of the English language, such as sentence structure, punctuation usage, and grammar, will help you revise and edit the text-based passages provided.

Next, the Reading section will test your ability to identify central ideas and themes, summarize ideas, and make connections between different texts, among other things. You will be provided with passages and questions that ask you to derive meaning from the text, to refer to what is explicitly stated, and to use reason to determine implicit meanings. You will have 35 minutes to answer 40 questions. It is important to refine your critical reading skills in order to be able to identify main ideas and significant details in texts.

The Science test will ask you to complete 40 multiple-choice questions in a 35-minute timeframe. You will be presented with scientific information in three different formats: data representation, research summaries, and conflicting viewpoints. Your success in this section will hinge on your ability to critically analyze the information provided to you by examining the hypotheses and conclusions drawn utilizing scientific analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving. Topics on this section include chemistry, Earth and space sciences, biology, and physics.

Finally, if you opt to complete the Writing section, you will have 40 minutes to respond to an essay prompt. To succeed in this section, you will need to write a coherent, well thought out response that illustrates your ability to think critically, evaluate arguments, and express original ideas.

How can a Madison ACT course help me prepare for my exam?

Enrolling in a Madison ACT course can be a great way to add structure and depth to your ACT review by building foundational test-taking skills that can increase your efficiency come exam day. All students learn in different ways and at different speeds. Your expert instructor can take the time to learn your needs and learning style to ensure you get the most out of your experience. If you are struggling with isolating arguments and main ideas in essay passages, you can schedule one-on-one time with your instructor to work on developing your comprehension and critical thinking skills. Studying with peers means that you can work together to understand how and when to properly employ the scientific method.

Varsity Tutors helps bring the classroom to you through a live virtual platform where you can interact directly with your instructor and peers as the class unfolds. Studying with peers has shown to increase retention rates and deepen understanding. Following a customized curriculum set forth in an online class adds detail and structure to your study plan, allowing you to approach the ACT decisively and confidently.

How can I get started in a Madison ACT prep course?

If you are just beginning your studies or need an extra boost, getting started in a Madison ACT course can serve as a great motivator to help you reach for your goals. Offering two- and four-week classes with new sessions beginning every week, Varsity Tutors is confident that we can find something that will fit into your busy schedule. Finding time in your hectic schedule to study has probably already proven to be a burden. Not only that, but studying without a concrete action plan might have you feeling like you're just spinning your wheels without making much progress. Contact our educational consults today for more information on how to get started and begin investing your time into structured, efficient ACT review.

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