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An Indianapolis Chinese course provided by Varsity Tutors could help a variety of people. Whether you are a college student studying at Butler University, someone just looking to take up a new language, or a high school student at Cathedral High, North Central High, or another area secondary institution, we can provide you with guidance and support so you can have a fulfilling language learning experience. It can be hard to learn a Chinese dialect, even if you have some prior experience learning new languages. It can be even more difficult if learning in a traditional classroom does not mesh with the way you learn things best. Being able to speak and write Chinese frequently are two factors that are very important when learning the language. In your Indianapolis Chinese course, you will have many opportunities to write and speak Chinese, along with having a great learning environment with an instructor who will keep you engaged in the Chinese language.

Chinese is the most popular language on Earth. More than 1 billion people speak some Chinese dialect. There are multiple dialects of Chinese, some of which include Wu, Hakka, Gan, Xiang, and Mandarin. Mandarin is the most popular dialect, with it being the official language in two Asian countries: the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. The most popular dialect among United States Chinese speakers has been Cantonese, historically. One writing system is shared between all Chinese dialects. The written form of Chinese has been around for thousands of years, even dating back to the Shang Dynasty, which ruled from 1700-1027 B.C. Written Chinese has no alphabet. Instead, there are over 50,000 pictographic characters that exist in Chinese, but only 20,000 are used on a regular basis. Most written Chinese is delivered through 2,500 of these characters. In today's world, Chinese is the only pictographic language still widely used. A lot of the Chinese characters used today were drawn to describe items. These symbols are not letters, so they give no clue as to how they are pronounced and they must be memorized individually.

Chinese can be a very difficult language to understand. This is because their character system is challenging to grasp and Chinese is very different from English. However, Learning Chinese can be a great investment to make because it could help you find opportunities internationally. Because Chinese is such a hard language to master, many language learners shy away from the challenge. However, it could lead you to lots of opportunities, both professionally and personally. By taking an Indianapolis Chinese course, you get lots of resources and assistance in building your comprehension of the language.

What information will an Indianapolis Chinese course go over?

Learning a new language can be difficult, particularly Chinese. Your Indianapolis Chinese Class can go over all the concepts, fundamentals, and rules in a way that can help you grasp this complex language. One important concept to understand is that Chinese is a tonal language, which means when the speaker says a word, it can mean many things depending on their tone. Chinese dialects have up to nine tones, but Mandarin has four: flat, rising, falling, and falling then rising. Another difficult concept for native English speakers to grasp is that the Chinese language has no plural words, verb inflections, or articles. Chinese words only have one grammatical form. For example, there is no "s" at the end of a word to mark a plural word. Nouns only have one form in Chinese, no matter if they are plural or singular. This can be hard for English speakers to understand, but once they master the rule, Chinese becomes easier to learn. When Chinese speakers learn English, it is just as difficult for them to grasp that English words change form in this way. Another concept you will go over is Pronouns. In Chinese, the characters they are given are based on their gender. These characters look the same but sound different. Some other topics you can discuss in a Chinese class are Chinese history, Chinese traditions customs, and culture, verbs, phrases, reading Chinese, and sentences structure and grammar.

How can an Indianapolis Chinese class help me learn?

An Indianapolis Chinese class has many interactive and convenient aspects that put your learning first. Chinese classes are held online in a virtual classroom with a live instructor and a set of classmates. While taking this class, you will be able to talk and engage with your instructor and classmates, which gives you the best of a traditional classroom while still taking place conveniently on the internet. Access to classmates and an expert instructor allows you to share insight, gain from the questions of others, and get in plenty of practice in both speaking and hearing the language. Having classmates with real motivation like those in our classes is a great way for you to learn new information, and it can even be fun! If you are stuck on the sentence structure of Chinese, for example, you and your classmates can try and work it out together. Even if you are really confused on a topic, you do not have to worry. You can always ask your live instructor for help. In fact, you can even set up one-on-one sessions with your instructor. This is a great time to ask for help if you are feeling behind on a topic. As you can see, a Chinese class is set up to help you feel confident in your ability to grasp the Chinese language.

Taking a Chinese class is also a convenient option for you because you will have many sections to choose from. Our classes start monthly, and you can choose between two-week classes and four-week classes. With lots of options, you can easily find a section that's right for you.

Where can I sign up for an Indianapolis Chinese class?

If you want to learn more about an Indianapolis Chinese class, contact Varsity Tutors. You can get in touch with an educational consultant by phone or online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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