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Varsity Tutors can assist you with learning a new language by providing an Oklahoma City Chinese class. Whether you attend Westmoore High School, Carl Albert High School, the University of Oklahoma, or you're an adult learner who wants to learn a new skill, these classes can help you. Learning a foreign language can pose some challenges even if you have a little experience studying Chinese, and a traditional classroom may not be able to address any underlying needs. It's highly recommended that you seek out opportunities to regularly practice Chinese, and there's no better way to do that than to sign up for an Oklahoma City Chinese class. This program also offers personal help from an expert Chinese instructor.

For over one billion people, Chinese is a native language. It has many dialects with the most popular one being Mandarin. Mandarin is Taiwan's, China's, and Singapore's official language. Other dialects in the Chinese language include Hakka, Gan, Wu, and Xiang. Written Chinese dates back to the Shang Dynasty, making it thousands of years old. The various dialects of the Chinese language share the same writing system. Though Chinese lacks an alphabet, it does have over 50,000 characters. Each character stands for one syllable, and about 20,000 characters are regularly used. Most of written Chinese uses approximately 2,500 characters. The Chinese language is the only modern pictographic language on Earth. Most Chinese characters used today come from ancient drawings of the items they're meant to describe. The symbols provide no clues to pronunciation; therefore, each one must be learned individually. Chinese uses Pinyin, which translates Chinese characters to letters in the English alphabet based on their pronunciation.

You benefit in many ways by learning Chinese. For one, you can enjoy foreign films and reading material. You can also pursue careers like journalism, trade, private tutoring, interpretation, and much more. Also, people who are bilingual or multilingual have improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, learning Chinese can be an asset if you decide to study abroad or live in a Chinese-speaking country.

Whether you're a school student, a professional, or someone who wants to learn something new, we can help you enroll in a class that suits your lifestyle. An Oklahoma City Chinese class may be the thing you need to practice Chinese on a regular basis.

What material would an Oklahoma City Chinese course cover?

Chinese is a tonal language; the meaning of the word changes according to its tone. Mandarin Chinese has four tones, which includes flat, rising, falling then rising, and falling. Other Chinese dialects feature up to nine various tones. All words in the Chinese language have only one grammatical form, and they have no plurals, verb inflections, or articles. In the English language, plural nouns are marked with the letter "s" at the end, but in the Chinese language, nouns retain the same form whether they're plural or singular. This why English is difficult for native Chinese speakers to master and vice versa. If you feel apprehensive about these rules, remember you don't have to deal with them alone because you have your teacher and fellow students to assist you.

You'll also need to learn about essential vocabulary, verbs and differentiating verbs that sound alike, reading Chinese, pronunciation, grammar and sentence structure, and other topics. Even those who have some experience with speaking Chinese struggle with comprehending these topics. All classes can go over them, giving you plenty of time to practice.

How will an Oklahoma City Chinese course help me learn?

An Oklahoma City Chinese course takes place online, and all lessons are directed by a professional Chinese teacher. Each class allows you to see, hear, and speak with other pupils and an instructor in a virtual classroom. You may be exposed to material that you already know like the back of your hand. During lessons, you can share your knowledge with other students to help them with anything they have trouble with. Your teacher can even conduct lessons entirely in Chinese depending on your skill level. Not only does this method presents an intriguing challenge to face. Being fully immersed in a language makes a great impact on your language fluency.

There are a lot of great things about working in a group. While you can study alone, it's difficult to access help if you get stuck on something. In a group setting, you can easily ask someone for assistance on anything you're struggling with. Working in groups also comes in handy when studying for a quiz or test.

You can also ask the teacher for one-on-one help with certain topics. All instructors have gone through a thorough interviewing process, so you can rest assured that they are knowledgeable in their field and can communicate well with students of all skill levels.

Because all courses are online, you can partake in lessons from home, your favorite hangout, or at any other locale that provides a stable internet connection. If you're swamped with a job, school classes, or other responsibilities, you don't need to worry about time conflicts because these courses are designed to work around your schedule. New sections are offered every month, and you can choose to sign up for a two-week course or a four-week course. A two-week course is great for those who only want a short-term review. If you feel you need more time to go over concepts, consider the four-week course.

I think I would benefit greatly from this program. How do I sign up for it?

Knowing Chinese plays a major role in pursuing your academic or business goals, whether you're a student at Oklahoma City University or someone in an established profession. Reaching out to us is a piece of cake. You can pick up the phone to speak with someone or type a note into our online contact form, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Do you want to get started with an Oklahoma City Chinese course today? Then, don't delay. Please contact Varsity Tutors.

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