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Varsity Tutors can help you study for the LSAT with our detailed Seattle LSAT prep course. Working in the legal field in this Pacific Northwestern city means you could work in intellectual property for a tech firm, social justice and criminal law, or even, eventually, teaching for one of the major colleges or universities in the area.

The LSAT stands for the "Law School Admissions Test," and it is a vital component of admissions applications for great law schools all over the country like the University of Washington School of Law. The colleges and universities in this major metropolitan area are very competitive, so studying with help from knowledgeable tutors and class instructors could give you an edge over others who are taking this examination.

What can a Seattle LSAT course offer me?

When you sign up for either our two-week or four-week online Seattle LSAT course, you have access to great instructors, curious students signed up alongside you, practice tests, personal coaching and study sessions, and much more, from the comfort of your home. Our online courses are group-based, so you will work with other students to understand the material that appears on the LSAT. However, if you find yourself struggling with a topic or to understand feedback, you can schedule time with an instructor one-on-one. Guided study sessions with professional instructors help keep you focused on your goal, and working with others in a group can keep you accountable and engaged in the material.

Varsity Tutors thoroughly vets every instructor who leads our online LSAT courses. They can guide your study sessions with the LSAT so you can build confidence in the topics, format, and time limits. They will encourage you to ask questions and think about LSAT information from angles you may not have considered as you study - and, most importantly, working with others keeps you accountable to show up to study sessions on time, something you may have trouble prioritizing for yourself if you have a job or a family demanding your attention. Taking an online Seattle LSAT class means you have support while you prepare for this vital component of your law school application. Many people benefit from the support, encouragement, and feedback of working with others going through a similar process, which is part of why our online LSAT courses are group-based. However, working in groups also helps you save on the cost of LSAT instruction!

What will a Seattle LSAT class cover?

Signing up for one of our LSAT classes means you will learn about the format of this exam. The LSAT is a standardized test with four sections. Three sections are scored for total points ranging from 120 to 180, with 180 being the highest possible score. A fourth section, Writing, is unscored but will serve as an admissions essay. Each section is timed, typically with just over half an hour to answer questions. The sections are designed to measure different abilities that are crucial to perform in law school courses. You can learn how to manage these sections within the allotted time thanks to great instructors and practice exams.

There are three scored sections of the LSAT: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. Sections of this standardized test may look like those found on other college exams, but LSAT sections have twists requiring you to understand specific approaches to legal reasoning. Both the Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning have one part, with 35 minutes allotted for you to complete the section. The Reading Comprehension section tests your ability to read through and understand details in complex, long-form texts, similar to those you will read throughout law school. Analytical Reasoning tests your ability to understand the relationship between events and arguments and then draw conclusions regarding this structure. Both of these sections require you to understand context and relationships and develop arguments based on evidence.

Logical Reasoning has a 70-minute time limit, but it is divided into two parts timed at 35 minutes each, so the structure is close to the previous two sections. The subsections within Logical Reasoning use different content sources with different degrees of truthfulness in their writing: sources range from scholarly articles to informal discourse. This portion tests your skills in recognizing different parts of an argument, and their relationship, reasoning by analogy, and identifying flaws in arguments. You will also be tested on drawing well-supported conclusions.

Although the Writing section does not impact your final score, the written argument you develop in this part will be copied and sent to law schools alongside your LSAT scores. The Writing section involves a free-form essay, which may not seem like a skill that can be taught in an online course, but the instructor can give you practice essays and evaluate your writing to help you improve. There is no right or wrong answer to the position you take, but those reviewing your law school application will judge whether you have successfully defended your argument or not.

With so little time, going into the LSAT under-prepared means you may worry about how much time you have. Working with a study group through an LSAT class helps you learn test-taking skills and strategies so you can feel confident even in the questions you do not know the answers to.

Where can I find a Seattle LSAT course?

Varsity Tutors' online portal can lead you through selecting a two-week-long or four-week-long class and then can pair you with an LSAT instructor. If you cannot spend more than two weeks learning, even through the convenience of an online classroom, our shorter option can give you a quick study boost right before you take the test. Our four-week course, however, offers more options for asking questions, learning in-depth, and practicing the different sections. Feeling prepared and confident can help you focus and relax on the three scored sections and develop a solid argument in the Writing portion of the test. Additionally, working with an LSAT tutor helps you understand good study habits now, and this can lead to better study habits throughout a challenging law school career.

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