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A Jacksonville French course can be a serious asset to any French language learner, and Varsity Tutors enroll you in a course that's right for you. Whether you're a student at The Bolles School getting started in your French studies, a University of North Florida student finishing out your general education credits, or someone with some prior experience with French who's looking to dust off their skills and rebuild their fluency, a Jacksonville French course can be a great idea. Learning any language is a complex endeavor, and a traditional classroom isn't always the best way to learn French. Perhaps you're not sure if you're getting the amount of practice and French conversation that you need to reach your language learning goals. Seeking out extra help may be the first step on your journey to French mastery.

Learning French can be a smart choice, whether your goals are personal, professional, academic, or some mix of all three. French is spoken by almost 300 million people and is used as the official language or main secondary language of 55 countries worldwide. You can hear French spoken in countries as such as Belgium, Canada, Monaco, Madagascar, Haiti, Switzerland, and naturally in France itself. French is generally considered to be the most widely used language in international communication besides English, so pursuing French fluency can be a great way to give your resume an edge over the competition. As the world becomes more global and technology advances, bilingualism may have an ever-increasing importance and can open up business and personal opportunities as you travel.

Of course, one must consider the cultural opportunities that learning French will allow you as well. France has had an enormous impact on the world throughout history, bringing its food, art, and culture all over the globe, and the broader Francophone world has much to offer. French may prove valuable for anyone interested in a future in academia as well, as there are a wealth of influential thinkers who have written in French. No matter your reason for studying the language, a Jacksonville French class can be a step towards attaining your goals.

What material will a Jacksonville French class help me learn?

French is a Romance language that shares a common history with English, and your skills in English can be a benefit while learning. However, all languages have their own unique quirks, and French's similarity to English can throw some learners off just as much as it can help. You'll have to learn a French vocabulary, of course, which shares many word roots with English. You'll also learn some new accented characters. But that's just the beginning. French has quite a few tenses, all of which have to be conjugated a variety of ways, and many of these conjugations are irregular and don't closely follow any pattern. You may find yourself getting used to your French instructor telling you that an upcoming set of conjugations is irregular, and that you'll have to get ready for some more memorization. Additionally, one of the most well-known aspects of French is its gendered nouns, which will require you to memorize each noun's gender and how it will alter affected adjectives.

Once you've started getting a grip on all this, you'll move on to relative pronouns, complex relative pronouns, and more, all of which build upon each other. This is why continual, regular practice in French is so important to your ability to learn. You can run into trouble if you're trying to learn a new skill before you've mastered the last one. A French course will give you a space to speak French with other students, get feedback from a qualified teacher, ask questions, and reinforce your existing skills. The more time you spend on the basics, the easier the next steps may be.

How will this material be presented?

A Jacksonville French class will be taught entirely online. You'll join your instructor and classmates in a virtual classroom, where you'll see, hear, and speak with each other, so you can practice your conversation skills and learn new French concepts in a group discussion setting. Having access to a space where you're comfortable and confident using your French skills may be crucial to your development in the language, so it's important that you have a mutually supportive learning environment like the one a Jacksonville French class can provide for you. Another reason these classes are taught online is for convenience. As so much may be riding on your ability to practice these skills with regularity, missing a class here and there might cause you to fall behind a lot more easily than it might in other subjects, and it's not necessarily something that you can catch up on by yourself. An online class removes the need for a commute and allows us to provide more class times. So whether you're looking for a night class, a weekend class, or even something mid-afternoon, we can find something to suit your needs.

Not having to worry about a commute can help you save, and a Jacksonville French course can offer value in other ways too. For one thing, you'll be getting access to a highly-qualified, expert teacher at a group price. You'll even be able to request reserved one-on-one time with your teacher, so you can really dig deeply into tough subjects that you might be struggling with. The course has been carefully planned so that every element aims to give you opportunities for success.

How can I get signed up?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can provide you with more information about what skills a Jacksonville French course could help you master, what course times are on offer, and when the next round of courses will be starting. French courses start on a monthly basis, so we can get you matched up with a course that's right for you quickly. If you're a high school student at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, we can find something that doesn't conflict with your school day, sports, and extracurricular engagements. If you're a working professional, we may even be able to find a course that you can fit into your lunch break. French can demand a lot from learners, but that doesn't have to prevent you from pursuing your goals of attaining French proficiency.

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