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There are many reasons to take a Kansas City French course, and Varsity Tutors offers one of the best options available. French is among the most important languages in Western civilization, as France has consistently been a major player in European affairs. It is also spoken in France's former colonies from Southeast Asia to Africa, other European nations such as Switzerland and Belgium, and large portions of Canada. French was once the language of international affairs, and continues to enjoy widespread use in the business world and the United Nations to this day. The number of worldwide French speakers is estimated at 300 million, and that number is only going to increase moving forward.

Naturally, there are a variety of reasons to study French. Students at local high schools like The Pembroke Hill School and Park Hill South High School may take it to fulfill their foreign language requirements. Similarly, college students attending local institutions such as UMKC and Rockhurst University may need to take French as an elective course. Those who enjoy traveling may take French lessons to get more out of their travels, and working professionals may seek French instruction so that they can add "bilingual" to their resume. Finally, lifelong learners may study French so that they may study French texts in their original form.

While there are clearly many reasons to study French, actually doing so can prove challenging. While English and French are both derived from Latin and therefore have several points of commonality, there are enough differences to confuse the average English speaker. For example, all French nouns are gendered, forcing English speakers to ask whether their desk is considered masculine or feminine. Many common verbs are also conjugated in an irregular manner, adding rote memorization to the list of skills French students need. That said, you can improve your understanding of the language with the correct supports in place. Enrolling in a Kansas City French class provided by Varsity Tutors today could be your first step toward learning French.

What skills can I work on in a Kansas City French course?

Many students find that immersing themselves in a foreign language makes it easier to study. Unfortunately, it's tough to immerse yourself in a language if you don't have anybody to practice speaking it with. Enrolling in a Kansas City French class gives you regular access to a knowledgeable French speaker you can converse with. Better yet, a patient teacher can set up a environment where it's okay to fail as part of the learning process. You can try to pronounce that unfamiliar accent mark without worrying about anybody making fun of you. Similarly, any questions you have can be answered in a timely manner.

If your French essay-writing skills could use some work, your instructor can help you there as well. Having a clear plan of attack is essential for effective writing in any language, so your teacher may demonstrate how to sketch out a quick outline so that you know where your piece is going. You can also study phrases with a variety of applications to help you get started. For example, question words such as "comment" and "pourquoi" can be a great way to start a conversational piece. Many students find that writing feels a lot easier as soon as they are no longer staring at a blank page.

Your French teacher can also explain the finer points of French grammar to you. For example, French has a number of different tenses: passe compose, past conditional, future, present, etc. Each verb takes a different form depending on its tense, so studying the rules governing common "er" and "ir" verbs may prove beneficial. Just remember that every irregular verb follows a different set of standards.

You may also be studying French history or culture as part of your instruction. Both fields are fascinating but demand the academic skills of a social studies class more so than studying a new language. If you have a hard time retaining all of the information you read, your instructor can show you active reading techniques to help you get more out of this aspect of your studies. For instance, taking notes as you read a text forces you to engage with it, improving the amount you retain.

How does a Varsity Tutors Kansas City French course work?

Every Kansas City French class Varsity Tutors provides consists of a knowledgeable teacher and several students. Each teacher is vetted extensively, so you can trust that you're getting a gifted communicator with a strong command of the language for you to draw on. Your instructor is also available for private extra help sessions, giving you the option of pursuing individualized attention if you feel that you need help with something.

Our live virtual platform also affords you the convenience of studying online without compromising study efficacy. You can interact with both your teacher and your peers in real time, so asking for help is as easy as raising your hand. If you're wondering why you would want to talk to your classmates, there are a lot of reasons. Group assignments can be a great way of thinking about things in new ways, giving you ideas that you never could have discovered on your own. Hearing a peer explain a concept can also make it seem more accessible than a teacher who mastered French years ago.

Sharing a classroom also allows you to split the cost of the class, making formal instruction more affordable than you might think. We also start new classes monthly, so it's pretty much always a good time to get started. If you're concerned about finding a good fit for your busy schedule, we also offer two and four-week classes to make the scheduling a little easier.

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