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Six months ago I was reciting off the lyrics to the song "Thrift Shop" in front of a class of seven adult Muscovites struggling to learn English. The book we were using was dry and the vocabulary boring. All of the students were young and liked American music. So I decided to bring in a song they all liked. We spent the rest of the class discussing that one song. The next class I was presented with a host of requests that ranged from 50 Cent to Miley Cyrus.
I chose this approach because I feel that learning is best internalized when a student feels like he or she can own their learning process. This means that the teacher works to facilitate guided discovery and so is in constant dialogue with the student. Those students needed to learn English in a way that was relevant to them. This approach has been informed through a year and a half teaching in Russia as well as my education. I completed my B.A. in History and International Relations from Bowdoin College. Before that I went to St. Johns School here in Houston.
My interest in history and international relations definitely informs what I do outside of teaching. I love trying and cooking new foods, some with more success than others! I also play soccer and cycle quite a bit.

Undergraduate Degree:

Bowdoin College - Bachelor in Arts, History

 State Certified Teacher
Food, cooking, soccer, cycling

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