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If your student is seeking Miami SSAT preparation assistance as they get closer to exam day, Varsity Tutors offers a number of options that could be just what they need to develop skills and confidence. The SSAT, or Secondary School Admission Test, is used to assess and compare students who are attempting to enroll in independent or private schools. Therefore, if attending one of these schools is a goal for your student, performing well on the SSAT is a crucial step toward accomplishing that.

These types of standardized, comprehensive exams are not always easy. They have specific formats and sets of rules that can cause confusion, particularly with students who are taking them for the first time. There are three different levels of SSAT exams. Whether your student is trying to enroll in a private school for fourth grade or any other level up through high school, Varsity Tutors can provide them with prep services that can help them reach for their goals.

What subject areas are covered by Miami SSAT prep?

Each level of the exam has five to six sections that cover a variety of topics, and each section has a time limit. Our services can help your student go over all of the material that will be present on their exam, depending on which grade level they are attempting to enroll in.

The Elementary Level SSAT is made up of five sections: Verbal, Reading, Quantitative/Math, Experimental, and a Writing Sample. The Verbal section contains 30 questions over 30 minutes and tests the participant's understanding of the English language. The Reading section is also 30 minutes long and contains seven passages with four related questions each. The goal is to test reading comprehension skills. The Quantitative/Math section asks your student to answer 30 questions in 30 minutes, mostly regarding basic arithmetic. The Writing section gives them 15 minutes to compose a simple story about a picture they are provided with and tests their command of language. There are also about 15 Experimental questions that test-takers are given 15 minutes to finish and do not get scored.

The Middle Level, for students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, is a bit more substantial. The same sections are present, except there are two Quantitative sections that are each 30 minutes and 25 questions long. Topics in those sections move into basic algebra and geometry. The Verbal section in this level asks 60 questions in 30 minutes and introduces synonyms, analogies, and identification of the different parts of speech. The Reading section contains 40 passage-based questions that your student has 40 minutes to complete. Your student is asked to evaluate meaning and opinions from these passages. The Writing section at this level provides them with two creative prompts to choose from and compose a story about. They are given 25 minutes to finish. Again, there is a 15-minute unscored Experimental section that is made up of 16 questions.

If your student is entering high school, they will be taking the Upper Level SSAT. This level's sections and time limits are the same as the Middle Level. The Verbal section covers much of the same material plus additional work with prefixes and suffixes. The Reading section asks them to extract information from passages written in fields such as fiction, science, and social studies. The Writing section offers them the choice of two prompts to create either a creative writing composition or a traditional essay. The Quantitative and Math sections move into more advanced algebra and geometry while adding in probability and data analysis.

At the Elementary Level, students are not penalized for incorrect answers, while at the higher levels, incorrect answers deduct one-quarter of a point from their score. Calculators are not allowed on any level of the test. Our prep offerings can help your student go over all of this material and more while also providing them with test-taking strategies and tips.

What are the different styles of Miami SSAT prep that are offered, and what are the benefits of each of them?

The two main categories of prep services that are offered by Varsity Tutors are private instruction and prep courses. Each has its own distinct benefits.

When your student signs up for a Miami SSAT prep course, they will receive classroom instruction that is familiar in many ways. The biggest difference from most of their learning is that they will meet with their teacher and fellow classmates online. Their group discussions and activities can be accessed anywhere that they have a reliable internet connection.

A Miami SSAT prep class can provide your student with a variety of perspectives on the material that may help them understand it better in a different way. They are also given the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with their instructor.

If personal instruction is what suits your student's learning style best, perhaps they should sign up to work with a Miami SSAT tutor. This approach allows your student to take part in study sessions that are more tailored to their specific needs. They can work at a pace that is comfortable for them and receive regular feedback on the progress they are making.

How can my student sign up to get started with Miami SSAT prep?

When it comes to an exam that could be as important to your student's future as the SSAT, they'll want to do everything in their power to prepare as well as they can. There is no need to go through that process without any help. If any of the Miami SSAT prep options from Varsity Tutors sound like they could assist your student as exam day nears and the pressure rises, do not hesitate to reach out and get started. Our educational consultants are standing by to hear from you online or by phone. They can answer any further questions that you may have and get your student signed up for the option that fits their needs. Don't look back after the exam and realize you and your student could have done more to help them succeed. Contact us today.

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