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Varsity Tutors is exactly what my son needed...In just a few weeks he had a better grasp on Spanish 4 and raised his grade significantly! I highly recommend them to anyone needed additional help! Thank you!

— VT Parent

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Alfredo is a wonderful teacher. My 7 year old son is able to focus on the lesson for the full hour because Alfredo makes if fun to learn Spanish. The sessions are recorded so we can go back and review and also see how well they interact together. Alfredo is also very willing to work with our schedule which changes frequently and he always makes time for our son's lessons.

— Eric C

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We've helped thousands of students improve their Spanish comprehension since 2008

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I have always wanted to learn Spanish and never have I been able to really do so. With Varsity Tutors and my fabulous tutor, I now can have real conversations. The interface is easy, my tutor can see my work and correct it with a white board function. Very pleased.

— James L

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We've helped thousands of students improve their Spanish comprehension since 2008

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Your learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right tutors to help them succeed.

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It's amazing how much I've learned in the past few weeks! My tutor, Anne is very knowledgeable, patient and always gives me feedback with lots of praise for my efforts. I feel very confident to use what I have learned to speak to my Spanish speaking patients.

— Varsity Tutors Spanish Language Learner

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Varsity Tutors can help you make the most of your opportunities to learn the Spanish language by getting you started in an in-depth Spanish class. Spanish classes are learning opportunities that can benefit students of all ages. Whether you're studying Spanish in high school or college, learning the language to expand your career opportunities, or have another reason to develop an understanding of Spanish, we can set you up with the instruction that you need to take your skill set in the language to the next level.

Are you interested in building a better command of the Spanish language? If so, then taking a Spanish class could be just what you need to do so. When you reach out to us to get started with a class, you'll be able to choose from several different options. This makes it easier to find a section that fits within your schedule and that you can attend without having to make too many sacrifices in the other important parts of your life.

Your Spanish course will give you the chance to learn more about the language from an experienced educator. They'll help you study the language through a series of live lectures that you'll attend online with a virtual classroom full of peers who are excited to learn Spanish just like you. If you're interested in signing up for this unique language learning opportunity, then consider reaching out to us directly today to get started with it. Or, you can keep reading to find more information on the Spanish language and how we can help you build your understanding of it.

Why Should You Learn Spanish?

Spanish is a great language to learn for a few key reasons. First, it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are more than 430 million native Spanish speakers worldwide. It is also the official language of about 20 different countries. This includes nations like Mexico, Spain, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and more. Learning Spanish is a great way to communicate more effectively with individuals who speak the language natively. This can be very useful if you plan on traveling to a country where Spanish is the official language in the future.

If you're a student in the United States, then honing your Spanish language skills is an even better idea. That's because Spanish is the second most spoken language throughout the United States, trailing behind only English. Being able to speak Spanish while living in the United States is a great way to put yourself in a better position for a job that may require you to communicate with Spanish-speaking individuals.

Learning Spanish is a great way to connect more closely with the cultures of the countries who speak the language. For example, if you're interested in Mexican literature, then learning Spanish gives you the opportunity to read it in its original form. Being able to connect like this with the cultures that you're passionate about can add tremendously to your understanding of them.

The good news is that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for native English speakers. Although the rules that govern the Spanish language are different from their English counterparts, these rules are often simpler than they are in English. Spanish is also closely related to other popular Romance languages like French and Italian. That means if you have a background in one of these languages, it could be easier for you to understand the complexities of the Spanish language. Similarly, learning Spanish first is a great way to build a foundation that will help you if you decide to learn an additional Romance language in the future.

What Will Spanish Classes Near Me Cover?

Although Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages for English speakers to learn, it is still different, and that presents a challenge. There will be a lot of things for you to learn as you begin studying Spanish. Some of the rules that you'll learn about may be difficult for you to understand at first. This is where taking a Spanish class can help. You'll be able to get assistance in understanding the essential rules that govern the usage of the Spanish language. For instance, you can review topics like sentence structure, gendered nouns, verb conjugation, grammar rules, vocabulary, and pronunciation, among other information when you take a Spanish class.

If you don't have a lot of language learning experience, then gendered nouns can be a challenging thing to understand at first. Gendered nouns are found in many foreign languages. Languages like German, Russian, Spanish, and French all use the gendered nouns system. Essentially, this concept means that each noun in the language is assigned a gender. This gender will affect the articles that are used preceding the noun as well as the adjectives that are used to modify them.

In Spanish, the gendered noun system isn't so challenging once you learn the key aspects of how the system works. Although there are some exceptions, nouns in Spanish that end in "o" are generally masculine while nouns that end in "a" are usually feminine. Thus, you can often determine the gender of the noun that you're looking at based on its ending. This will tell you what articles to use with the noun and how to modify it using adjectives. Taking a Spanish course is a great way to get practice with all of the rules of the gendered noun system as it exists in the Spanish language. Your instructor can also show you some of the exceptions to the standard rule so that you can start identifying when you need to alter your approach to Spanish nouns.

Your Spanish course will also be able to help you learn about the proper methods for using adjectives in combination with nouns. Spanish adjectives must match the noun's gender and number. So, for example, if you were trying to call a dog white in Spanish, you would say "perro blanco." Here, "blanco," or white, is the adjective that is describing the "perro," or dog. Notice how both the noun and the adjective end in the letter "o." If the noun in this example was feminine, you would need to change the ending of both the noun and the adjective to "a" and possibly perform some other alterations depending on the noun that's being described.

These are skills that may seem challenging at first depending on your current Spanish language skill set. However, you don't have to go through learning all of these new rules alone. When you sign up for our Spanish classes, you'll get the helpful guidance of your instructor throughout each phase of your Spanish language learning experience. Your Spanish classes will give you practice where you need it to help you feel confident with your command of the language.

Some of the other things that you can learn in your Spanish classes include vocabulary, sentence structure, written Spanish, pronunciation, and more. Your course could even give you the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries. You can get an overview of various films, news, and literature from the Spanish-speaking countries that are most relevant to your interests. Doing this can make studying the Spanish language more fun because it helps to make the material that you're studying in your classes more practical and engaging.

How Can I Benefit From Taking a Spanish Class Near Me?

Taking a Spanish class gives you a unique way to develop your understanding of the language. There are benefits that are specific to the courses that we offer that may be just what you've been looking for to take your understanding of Spanish to the next level. These benefits start with the fact that your course will take place on our Live Learning Platform. This platform replicates the traditional classroom learning experience in a more convenient online environment. That means you can start to develop your Spanish language skill set without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can take your class from wherever you have an internet connection.

While taking your class, you'll find that you will be able to interact directly with your instructor. This means that you can ask questions when you don't quite understand something, just like you would be able to when taking an in-person Spanish class. This type of access is key to what makes taking a Spanish class such a rewarding academic opportunity.

You'll also be learning with a classroom full of students who are passionate about learning Spanish just like you are. When you sign up to take a class, you'll be able to interact with the other students who you're learning with throughout the process. You can hear what questions they're asking, which could provide you the answer to things you didn't even realize you needed to know. You'll also get the chance to collaborate with other students in your class through group activities and class discussions. This is a great way to get real practice using the new Spanish material that you learn about in each of your lessons.

If you find that you're still having trouble with one of the topics that have already been covered in your class, then you can sign up to get personalized assistance from your educator. You'll have the opportunity to work with them in a one-on-one setting where they can focus exclusively on your language learning needs. For instance, if you need more help with gendered nouns or verb conjugation, then you can get help with the specific rules within these topics that are giving you the most trouble. This is a great way to take your understanding of the Spanish language to higher heights. It can also help you keep pace with the rest of the students in your course.

Where and When Can I attend a Spanish Course?

One of the other key benefits of signing up to take Spanish courses is their inherent flexibility. As touched on previously, courses are taught live. When you sign up for a course section, you will meet at the same time and on the same days each week. However, there are multiple sections of the class running concurrently that you can choose from when you're in the process of signing up. These course sections meet at different times during the day and on different days. This makes it more likely for you to find an option that can fit within your schedule.

You'll find that you're able to sign up for either two or four-week course sessions when you reach out to us to find the right Spanish language class for your needs. There are also new classes that begin monthly, so you shouldn't expect to wait too long to get started. Since these courses take place virtually, you can take them from anywhere. This is another reason why most students can make time for a Spanish language course that fits within the confines of their existing obligations.

Additionally, you don't have to worry about completing the work of finding the right language course for your specific scheduling needs, either. When you reach out to us, we'll do all of that for you. We'll ask you for your availability, and then we can work with you to identify the best learning option to match those requirements. For example, you can take a course that takes place on the weekends, at night, during your lunch hour, and much more. Consider getting in touch with us today to learn more about the wide variety of options that are available to you.

How Can I Get Started?

Spanish is an exciting and practical foreign language to learn. Do you think that you would benefit from taking a Spanish language class? Doing so could help you learn more about the basics of the language. Or, if you already have some Spanish language knowledge, you can sign up for a course that can help you learn advanced topics in the language. Whatever your needs are, you can get started with the process of finding the right class for your needs by reaching out to Varsity Tutors today. We'd love to help you pursue your Spanish language goals more effectively and hope to hear from you soon.

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