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If you are a business professional looking into MOS Exam courses, Varsity Tutors can help you find an MOS Exam class to improve your study skills. MOS stands for Microsoft Office Specialist. Individuals interested in getting this certification need to show proficiency in one or more of the Office programs. If you think completing an MOS Exam prep course can help, contact Varsity Tutors.

An MOS Exam course can be beneficial because the tutor can help gauge your experience level in the various Microsoft Office programs. If you need more practice in one program over another, the tutor can gear the tutoring in the MOS Exam class to focus on those weak areas.

In the MOS 2010 format and earlier versions, there are brief tasks to complete focusing on Office applications tools and functions. With the updated MOS 2013 format, you need to complete a short project with the provided specifications. This exam will take 90 minutes. The tutor can help you prepare during MOS Exam prep courses by giving you practice tests to give you an idea of what the exam will be like. If you feel pressured when taking exams, the tutor can show you relaxation techniques to help you relax during exam day.

An entry-level business employee holding MOS certification can earn up to $16,000 more annually than their peers who are not certified. The data chart below details information on the MOS exam, such as how the present format is different from previous formats.

Certification Value Holding a MOS certification can earn an entry-level business employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers.
Format of the Exam Primarily performance-based and taken in a simulated live environment. Candidates are expected to perform a series of tasks to demonstrate their verbose knowledge of office products.
How is it different than previous MOS exams? The new format presents a short project that the exam taker must complete rather than a variety of brief tasks.
Allowed Time The exam will take 90 minutes.

Having MOS certification can be helpful for individuals in their career for showing their advanced skills in the suite of Microsoft Office programs. You can set yourself apart from your peers when applying for jobs or seeking promotions in your current employment. With personalized tutoring in an MOS Exam prep class, you can ask your tutor any questions you may have and receive timely answers. For example, maybe you are having trouble with tools or functions of Microsoft Office Access. The tutor can review those with you and help you prepare for this section on the exam.

Working in a private learning environment during MOS Exam prep classes gives your instructor the chance to customize the session to your unique needs. Maybe you learn more easily by following written directions, or you might learn better by hands-on experience. There is no syllabus in the MOS Exam prep courses, so the tutor can adapt each session to optimize your learning experience.

At Varsity Tutors, our Educational Directors make every effort to refer you to a tutor that can be flexible with your schedule. We have a Live Learning Platform to complete your MOS Exam prep class online.

There are several different topics covered on the MOS exam, like Microsoft Office Word and Excel. The following bullet list details the MOS topics covered on the exam.

MOS Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Access
  • Microsoft Outlook

Working with a tutor in an MOS Exam course can help you build test-taking skills so you can go to the exam day with more confidence. If you want to find out more information about how MOS Exam classes can help you, contact Varsity Tutors today.

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