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Whether you are a University of Virginia student attempting to fulfill your language class requirements, a seasoned Spanish speaker looking to brush up on your skills, or even a student at Ocean Lakes High School, Varsity Tutors offers a Virginia Beach Spanish class that just might have a positive impact on your language learning experience. It can sometimes be tough to learn a second language, even if you do already have some experience with Spanish, and a typical classroom curriculum might not completely encompass the difficulties of learning the language. One of the most significant factors in your success as someone learning to understand Spanish is regular opportunities to practice speaking and writing in the Spanish language. A Virginia Beach Spanish class can provide you with access to not just this kind of language learning environment, but it will also offer you the tutelage of an expert Spanish teacher who can help to immerse you in the language.

Spanish is known to be one of the easier languages for a native English speaker to pick up due to different yet simpler grammar and sentence structures. It is a language that can be very useful when it comes to traveling, living abroad, or even job hunting. With a good command of the Spanish language, you'll have the ability to make some new friends, take in new cultures, and even do business with a large population of people. Taking the time to learn Spanish also allows you to have an advantage in understanding other Romance languages including French and Italian.

It doesn't matter if you are a student at South University - Virginia Beach who is struggling to learn Spanish and is worried about completing their general education requirements, a professional seeking to expand their business skill set, or just someone who is seeking more access to Spanish literature, history, and culture from around the world. We can get you enrolled in a class that is right for you. You will be welcome at any level of proficiency. A Virginia Beach Spanish course just might be the thing you need to get more practice time with the Spanish language into your schedule.

What material will a Virginia Beach Spanish course cover?

The Spanish language is the second most spoken language on the planet right after Mandarin Chinese, making it an ideal secondary language to pick up. It is also the second most spoken language in the US, as well as the most studied language. With more than 430 million native speakers, Spanish is also the official language of around 20 different countries, which include Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and many more. In the United States, more than 45 million people are native or second-language Spanish speakers, so it is a very useful and important language to know.

Brought across the Atlantic to America by the Spanish in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Spanish language spread rapidly through North, Central and South America, as well as across the Caribbean. Being one of the Romance Languages along with French and Italian, Spanish derived many of its rules of grammar and syntax from Latin, and around 75% of Spanish words have roots in the Latin language. Additionally, Spanish was influenced by Greek, Arabic, and even some of the languages of the native cultures of the Americas. As you can see, Spanish is a very historical and influential language that could come in handy for any American.

A Spanish course will allow you to grasp basic Spanish language concepts such as vocabulary, pluralization, written accents, and pronunciation. It can also be beneficial in generating an understanding of noun-adjective pairings, which occur when adjectives change to match their nouns in both number and gender. For example, if a noun is in feminine singular form, the adjective should be too. Spanish courses also cover verb conjugation, which tends to be easier than in English, but still may be quite challenging. In addition to all of this, you will also learn about genders and nouns. Genders are often assigned due to the last letter of the noun, the general rule being nouns that end in "o" are masculine and nouns which end in "a" are feminine.

How will a Virginia Beach Spanish class help me learn?

The Spanish classes that Varsity Tutors can set you up with can be a fantastic addition to your new language learning resources. Taking place completely online, the classes we can enroll you in bring the classroom to you through a live virtual platform. You will be able to see, hear, and even interact with an expert instructor as if they were sitting at a table right next to you. Spanish classes are offered in both two-week and four-week classes and different ones are available in multiple sections with new sections beginning on a monthly basis. The collaborative, online learning space that will be provided to you can be just what you need to fully grasp the Spanish language.

Collaborative lessons are featured prominently throughout each Spanish class, and they have been proven to deepen understanding and help students to more fully prepare. Each class is led by an experienced and excited instructor who has undergone a rigorous interviewing and vetting process to ensure the highest quality as well as strong communication. Need extra help? Not a problem. You can even request one-on-one time with the instructor so that you can work on specific areas that you may be struggling with. Take advantage of the great value Spanish classes have to offer so that you can save more while you learn.

How can I get signed up for a Virginia Beach Spanish course?

The ability to speak and understand the Spanish language can be a valuable tool to have in pursuing your business, academic, and personal goals. Whether you are an established professional or a student at First Colonial High School, contact Varsity Tutors today. We can get you more information about what a Virginia Beach Spanish course will cover, our current course offerings, and how and when we will be able to get you enrolled in the Spanish course that you might be searching for. Reach out now, and you can find yourself making strides in your command of Spanish soon.

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