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If you're an aspiring teacher in New York who wants to work with students in diverse populations, you should contact Varsity Tutors about EAS prep courses. We can sign you up for an EAS class that caters to your needs individually. You'll have the opportunity to work one on one with an experienced test prep instructor who can customize EAS classes to help you learn in the most effective and efficient ways for you. Contact our Educational Directors today or keep on reading below to get more information on how EAS courses can help you reach for your certification goals.

The Educating All Students (EAS) certification was created by the New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE) program to ensure that educators had the proper qualifications to facilitate learning for diverse student populations, such as those with different abilities, English language learners, and special needs students. These students need different kinds of support, and an EAS prep course can help you strengthen your skills in these crucial areas. Whether you need to build your understanding of pedagogical strategies for working with ELL students, how to provide the proper assistive technology to students with disabilities, or approaches for handling communication with parents when a special needs student needs intervention, an EAS course can help you. If you're not exactly sure where you should be putting your study efforts, an EAS prep class instructor can first get to know you and understand your abilities and knowledge gaps so that they can customize a plan to keep you working towards improvement.

The EAS test uses multiple-choice questions and writing prompts to assess your knowledge of several key student populations. Here's a breakdown of the sections of the test that you can prepare for during EAS prep classes:

EAS Competencies # Multiple Choice Percentage of Exam # Constructed Response Percentage of Exam
Diverse Student Populations 11 18 1 10
English Language Learners 11 18 1 10
Special Needs and Learning Disabilities 10 18 1 10
Teacher Responsibilities 5 8 - -
School-Home Relationships 5 8 - -

To perform at your best on test day, you should not only understand the content that you'll see on the exam but the way the exam is laid out as well. Your EAS course can make sure you understand everything you'll be expected to know and how you'll be expected to do it. As an example, here's how your written responses are scored on the EAS exam:

EAS Constructed Response Scoring Criteria

  • Content
    • Does the response meet the requirements?
  • Analysis, Synthesis, and Application of Pedagogical Principles
    • Does the response show that the candidate understands the provided exhibits?
  • Command of Evidence
    • Does the response present relevant support?

Another advantage of an EAS course is that your instructor can provide you with strategies for the exam's format and scoring criteria. Test-taking skills like time management, eliminating obviously wrong answers to limit our options and increase your chances of getting multiple-choice questions correct, and formulating your responses in full before writing them can go a long way in helping you perform to your potential on test day. Your EAS prep class can help you build these skills, and you can use them throughout your career for further certifications, recertifications, and even to help your students face exams with confidence.

If you're ready to see what EAS prep classes can do for you, reach out to Varsity Tutors today. We're ready to pair you with an EAS class instructor who can meet you at a convenient time for easy online sessions that help you reach for your goals.

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