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The largest professional membership for human resource professionals is the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The organization has helped more than 100,000 employers better manage over 140 million employees around the world. It is no wonder their certification is a coveted distinction among experts in the field of human resource management. The SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SCP) certification is reserved only for those who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the field over a significant period of time through their work and academic endeavors. If you are considering SHRM-SCP certification and want to go beyond the usual SHRM-SCP classes, Varsity Tutors can help you connect with an experienced SHRM-SCP tutor.

Only applicants who are able to demonstrate a daunting list of employment and academic prerequisites are allowed to sit for the exam. The exclusivity of the exam demonstrates how valuable the certification is within the industry and why it warrants an investment in SHRM-SCP prep courses and tutoring. If you want to do your best and become a recognized expert in your industry, it is important to treat this exam with the respect it deserves.

The exam for the SHRM-SCP is intense and only given twice a year. Applicants can register for the Spring or Winter exam but should be careful to do so early to avoid late registration fees. For a complete overview of computer based exam, please see the table below.

SHRM-SCP Exam Format

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score
Multiple-Choice 160 Questions 4 Hours 200

An SHRM-SCP course can help you gain a greater understanding of the topics covered in the exam. However, working with an SHRM-SCP prep class tutor gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into individual topics than you would be able to do as part of a traditional SHRM-SCP prep course. As one student in an SHRM-SCP class, you are limited to reviewing the material the designer of the course prepared in a predetermined order for a fixed amount of time. By working individually with an SHRM-SCP class tutor, you are in control of when and what you review. Some of the topics you can choose to review with your SHRM-SCP course tutor can be found in the table below.

SHRM-SCP Topics (Non-Comprehensive)

  • Relationship Management
  • Communication
  • Consultation
  • Long-term goals and vision
  • Management influence
  • Exchanging organizational information and listening
  • Operating in a global environment
  • Applying principles and technologies to improve a business
  • Customer interaction
  • Change management
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • The U.S. Employment Law & Regulations

In addition to giving you the ability to focus on exactly what you need to during your valuable study time, working with a private tutor also gives you access to an experienced academic professional who can help you develop testing strategies that make the process of taking a standardized exam less stressful. This is something that is generally missing from standard SHRM-SCP prep classes. If you have experienced test anxiety in the past or are worried the pressure of a high stakes exam may make it more difficult to show your expertise of the subject matter, working with a private tutor gives you an additional opportunity to build your testing confidence.

You already know SHRM-SCP certification helps you stand out as an expert in your field and makes you more valuable to your organization. It also gives you a greater scope of career advancement. Because of this SHRM-SCP courses should only be part of your study strategy. If you are ready to take your studies to the next level with a personal tutor, Varsity Tutors can help. Contact Varsity Tutors today to connect with a highly qualified SHRM-SCP tutor.

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