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Any Spanish learner may be able to benefit from a Detroit Spanish course, and Varsity Tutors can help you get enrolled quickly and easily. You'll find yourself in a Spanish language learning environment, where you'll be able to use your skills in conversation with other students and receive guidance from an expert Spanish teacher. Whether you're a student at Wayne State University looking to complete your general education requirements, someone with extensive experience in Spanish seeking to hone your skills and master the language, or even a high school student at Old Redford Academy looking for a class that you can squeeze into a schedule crammed with extracurricular activities, there's a course for you.

Spanish is a popular choice for people learning a second language, and for good reason. It's the second most commonly spoken language on the planet, right after Mandarin Chinese, with more than 430 million native Spanish speakers worldwide. Spanish is used as the official language in around 20 countries, including Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and of course Spain itself. Spanish is the second most widely used language in the US as well, with more than 45 million native or second-language Spanish speakers living in the US. It's also the most studied language in the US.

All of this means that Spanish can be a great language to learn if you're looking to give either your business prospects or your cultural access a boost. As globalization increases and technology becomes more widespread, bilingualism may become a more and more in-demand business skill and may help your resume stand out. You also may be opening yourself up to new markets and business opportunities by learning Spanish, and, since Spanish is closely related to French and Italian, you may be setting yourself up to develop your skills in other languages too. You'll also be learning a language that can help you discover cultures, art, and cuisine, both internationally and in the US.

What sort of material will a Detroit Spanish class cover?

Spanish is a Romance language, like French, Italian, and Portuguese. There's some shared history with English, so a solid English vocabulary can help you recognize English cognates. In fact, Spanish is often considered one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. However, you'll still have to learn a lot of new grammatical rules that may be totally unfamiliar to you. For starters, all Spanish nouns are gendered. Generally, nouns that end with an "a" are feminine and those that end with an "o" are masculine, but there are exceptions to this rule that you'll have to memorize.

Similarly, verb conjugation tends to be fairly consistent, and are easier than in English, but there are plenty of irregular conjugations to memorize too. Adjectives have to agree with the gender of nouns they reference, so you'll have to learn how to conjugate these as well. Your class will also cover accented characters in written Spanish, Spanish pluralization, and more. Even if you're an advanced Spanish speaker, a Detroit Spanish class can help you practice your vocabulary, pronunciation, and the finer points of the Spanish language.

How will a Detroit Spanish course help me learn?

A Detroit Spanish class is taught entirely online in group discussion classes led by an expert Spanish teacher. In this interactive, live classroom environment you'll be able to see and speak with your teacher and your classmates just as if you'd gathered to practice your Spanish face-to-face. However, online classes can offer some definite advantages over a traditional classroom. To start, an online class allows for more flexible scheduling. Even if your personal, professional, and/or academic lives are jam-packed, you may be able to find just the right course for your needs. If you're a student at University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy who's having trouble finding time for Spanish study that accommodates a full load of sports and extracurricular activities, you might benefit from a Spanish class that's offered later at night, or on weekends. Or, if you're a working professional, we may even be able to find something that you can squeeze into a break in the middle of your workday.

Additionally, an online course means no commute, which can not only help you save money, and free up time in your day but also means that you can be sure you're only moments away from your Detroit Spanish course. You can access your course almost instantly from anywhere that you have internet access. This kind of convenience is nice for any course but can be especially helpful for a Spanish course. As so much of your success in learning a new language can depend on your ability to consistently practice, the easy accessibility of an online course can be a great idea, and may boost your chances of learning Spanish quickly and comprehensively.

You might be able to imagine the benefits that regularly engaging in group discussions in Spanish can have for your Spanish skills. By working through course material alongside fellow Spanish learners, you'll be able to both learn from your classmates and strengthen your understanding of material you already feel confident about, by helping introduce it to other students. Spending time using your Spanish with a diverse group of other language learns may do wonders for your vocabulary, as well. If you're an advanced Spanish student, there's a lot on offer, too. At higher levels your instructor may choose to teach exclusively in Spanish, so you can be totally immersed in the language. Plus, although a group course has a lot of upsides, we know that sometimes it can be helpful to get some more focused time with a professional instructor. That's why you'll be able to reserve one-on-one time with your Spanish teacher, to get you up to speed on any subjects you find yourself struggling with.

How can I get enrolled?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can get you signed up for a Detroit Spanish course that might be just the thing to take your Spanish studies to a new level. Whether you're a beginner who's just looking for a place to get started in Spanish, a college student who's having trouble with Spanish I, or who's interested in pursuing a Spanish major or minor and needs extra outlets to use the language, or an experienced professional who'd like to open up new opportunities in the business world, we have you covered. Get in touch and we can put you on a path towards pursuing your Spanish goals.

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