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If your student is looking to take the SAT and needs guidance, specifically in the SAT Subject Test in Math, you can find an SAT Subject Test in Match course with the help of Varsity Tutors. We can sign your student up for an SAT Subject Test in Math prep class that features a qualified instructor working one-on-one with your student. Take advantage of one of the SAT Subject Test in Math prep courses available, and help your son or daughter get the benefits a typical classroom setting does not provide.

Each SAT Subject Test in Math class can be planned to meet your pupil's specific needs. During their first SAT Subject Test in Math prep course, the tutor may gauge your student's beginning proficiency level in each of the categories that appear on the test. This assessment can help determine which areas your student struggles with most and will need to work the hardest on during the SAT Subject Test in Math course. The tutor can track the progress of each class so they may make adjustments to the lesson plan as needed.

As your student proceeds through the customized sections of their SAT Subject Test in Math prep classes, they'll be studying with the goal of fully comprehending each category that will be shown, from algebraic equations to statistics.

Here is a table depicting the separate subjects that are part of the SAT Math Test Level 1 and what percentage of the exam each makes up in total.

SAT Subject Test in Math Level 1 Section Percentage of Exam
Number and operations 10-14
Algebra and functions 38-42
Geometry and measurement 38-42
Data analysis, statistics, and probability 8-12

Your student may want to take an SAT Subject Test in Math class because they want to get into a specific program or get college credit early. A strong score can show the college of your student's choosing that they are dedicated to their education and knowledgeable on various Math subjects. It may grant them access to particular college courses they wish to take.

The SAT Subject Test in Math class provides a continuing assessment of how your student is fairing on all material in both Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 1 subject material may be well-known to your student, but that doesn't mean they're fully prepared for the math portion of the SAT test. A Level 2 section is also included, which goes further in-depth. Your student can work with a tutor to get caught up on the areas they need help with most. It should give them the information they need to be prepared for the exam, as long as they put their best effort in. Use the table provided to discover the specific subjects depicted in the SAT Math Test Level 2, and see if your student needs additional preparations for this portion.

Additional Topics Covered on the SAT Subject Test in Math Level 2

  • Graphical and other properties of complex numbers
  • Advanced algebraic equations and functions, including logarithmic, trigonometric, and exponential
  • Geometry questions include 3D coordinates, polar coordinates, hyperbolas, and ellipses
  • Trigonometry questions cover laws of sines and cosines, inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations, and graphs and properties of trigonometric functions
  • Standard deviation
  • Quadratic and exponential regression

In addition to helping students study the material seen in each level of the Math exam, SAT Subject Test in Math prep class tutors can also provide helpful test-taking strategies. If your student knows most of the material well yet struggles on tests in general, learning some strategies for time management, relaxation, and building confidence can help improve their test-taking abilities. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get connected with an SAT Math Test course.

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