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As you reach the end of your Associate in Risk Management degree program, it's helpful to know that Varsity Tutors offers quality ARM prep courses that can support you as you prepare for the three ARM Foundation Course exams you must pass. If you're seeking certification, we can also connect you with help as you prepare for the Ethics 311 or 312 ARM course and exam of your choice. The following table shows the basic three courses necessary for standard ARM designation:

ARM Courses Focus
ARM 54 Risk Management Principles and Practices
ARM 55 Risk Assessment and Treatment
ARM 56 Risk Financing

ARM prep classes through Varsity Tutors are different than most test prep classes because you won't be meeting in a classroom full of many students with all different needs that the instructor has to attempt to meet. Instead, the classes you can sign up for through Varsity Tutors feature one-on-one study guidance with your own personal ARM tutor. Each ARM class is focused solely on your needs, and by working with only you, your instructor has more flexibility and can adjust each lesson to fit your most up-to-date challenges. Each session with your private ARM course instructor, or tutor, can be tailored to improve your progress. Your instructor can become familiar with the study methods most effective for you, your strengths and goals, and the concepts that challenge you. This enables them to take all of these factors into consideration as they create dynamic ARM class sessions based on your unique situation.

As an example of what you'll be studying for in your ARM classes, here are the topics broken out by section for the ARM 55:

  • ARM 55 Segment A Topics
    • Introduction to Risk Assessment and Treatment
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Business Continuity Management
    • Physical Property Risk
  • ARM 55 Segment B Topics
    • Intellectual Property and Reputation Risk
    • Legal and Regulatory Risk
    • Management Liability and Human Resource Risk
  • ARM 55 Segment C Topics
    • Environmental Risk
    • Crime and Cyber Risk
    • Fleet Risk
    • Smart Products and Risk Management

Your ARM prep course instructor can customize your lessons in a variety of ways. As mentioned above, they can gear sessions to best work for your abilities and challenges. Another benefit of the one-on-one instruction is the ability to focus on your most challenging subjects in more depth than areas in which you're already proficient. For example, if your current position has you working with the standards and guidelines related to risk management, that's probably not a subject you need to review very much. Because you're their only student during your sessions, your instructor can then spend more time on subjects that you aren't as familiar with, such as intellectual property and reputation risk or management liability and human resources risk.

There are so many topics to study, and you can count on receiving comprehensive instruction. At the same time, if you understand the risk management framework and process well already, there's no need to spend a lot of time on that subject. On the other hand, if you're having difficulty understanding how to work with risk related to intellectual property and reputation, your instructor can spend as much of your ARM prep class time as you need to gain a thorough understanding.

There's no need to go it alone as you work towards your ARM certification. Professional assistance could provide just the confidence you need on test day. Contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more about our private ARM courses, and get started right away.

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