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An Actuarial Exam STAM course from Varsity Tutors can help you pursue your goals on this test. Taking an Actuarial Exam STAM course is an opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction from a skilled tutor with the convenience of online meeting. Actuarial Exam STAM courses are a great way to jumpstart your preparation for this test.

When taking an Actuarial STAM class, one of the things you are able to do is become more familiar with the content and structure of the exam. Below is a table displaying the general content and structure of the exam:

Learning Outcomes Description Percentage of test
1. Topic: Severity Models Performing severity model calculations. (2.5-7.5%)
2. Topic: Frequency Models Performing frequency model calculations. (2.5-7.5%)
3. Topic: Aggregate Models Performing aggregate model calculations. (2.5-7.5%)
4. Topic: Coverage Modifications Calculations relative to coverage modifications. (2.5-7.5%)
5. Topic: Risk Measures Performing common risk measures calculations. (2.5-7.5%)
6. Topic: Construction and Selection of Parametric Models Constructing and estimating parameters for parametric models. (20-30%)
7. Topic: Credibility Estimating losses using credibility procedures (20-25%)
8. Topic: Insurance and Reinsurance Coverages Basic insurance and re-insurance coverages for short-term insurances (5-10%)
9. Topic: Pricing and Reserving for Short-Term Insurance Coverages Basic calculation methods to determine premiums and reserves for short-term insurance coverages. (15-25%)

When you register for an Actuarial Exam STAM class we will connect you to a tutor who matches your availability as well as possible. All Actuarial Exam STAM courses meet online which makes it far easier for you to attend. You are able to attend Actuarial Exam STAM classes from anywhere with an internet connection.

As you work through your Actuarial Exam STAM prep course, you and your instructor are able to make a plan for your time together. You can base the plan for your Actuarial Exam STAM prep class around your particular goals and abilities. Because Actuarial Exam STAM prep courses have only one student, namely you, they offer the sort of individual attention that is very difficult to achieve in other learning environments. In Actuarial Exam STAM prep classes, you can receive feedback that helps you build effective habits, learn material that is relevant to your study goals, and increase your confidence. As you prepare for the Actuarial Exam STAM, you can access and study materials relevant to the exam.

As another way of building your confidence and increasing your preparedness for this exam, during your Actuarial Exam STAM course you are able to spend time working on test-taking strategies. The opportunity to develop test-taking strategies specific to this exam can help you to maximize your time on the exam and make the most of the knowledge that you have. Because the Actuarial Exam STAM is timed, making sure that you are able to answer as many questions correctly in the span of the test is an important skill to develop.

The study skills that you hone during an Actuarial Exam STAM class can be a benefit to you even beyond the time you spend preparing for this exam. Being able to develop a study or research plan and being able to execute that plan are skills that can be vital in either academic or professional contacts.

Actuarial Exam STAM prep classes from Varsity Tutors provide you with unique and effective resources for your exam preparation. We offer you one-on-one private tutoring that combines the ease of online meeting with rigorous learning. As you pursue your professional goals, consider an Actuarial Exam STAM prep course. Educational Directors are available online or over the phone to answer any questions you may have or to help you register.

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