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Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get enrolled in an Arizona bar course that can help you maximize your preparation efforts for this crucial set of exams. Arizona has adopted the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) which is administered over two days in either February or July. Once you've completed your exams, they are graded by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). After scores are calculated, they can then be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions.

There are three components of the UBE: the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), and the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE). The exams measure your skill in communicating effectively with clients and colleagues, your legal knowledge, and your ability to effectively analyze and evaluate information. These three tests are given over a period of two days.

What Skills Should I Focus on for the MPT?

The MPT is given on the first day of testing. While your score on this portion of the exam will only be 20 percent of your total bar exam, it shouldn't be underestimated. The two questions you will need to answer during the allotted time of three hours are intense.

This portion of the exam is a practicum. You will receive a memo from a senior attorney, which includes a case "File." This File will contain a variety of resources, only some of which will be relevant to the question you will be asked to answer. The information in the File may include client documents, newspaper articles, interviews, police reports, or other items which could directly impact the case. You will also be given access to a comprehensive legal "Library" where you can access reference material such as statutes, regulations, and historical examples.

One of the biggest problems students face within the confines of the MPT is not a lack of legal knowledge because all of the information and resources you need to answer the questions successfully are included. Instead, it is the ability to quickly and accurately discern what is useful and applicable and discard that which is not. This can be difficult since much of the information included in both the File and the Library will be irrelevant. Your instructor can teach you key things to look for when you need to make a quick evaluation, how to take notes more efficiently as you review material, and how to identify extraneous information so you don't waste valuable time during the exam.

How Can An Arizona Bar Prep Course Help Me Study for the MEE?

You will also take this portion of the exam on the first day, and it is 30 percent of your total score. You will have three hours to answer six essay questions. Topics which could be covered in the essay include business associations, conflict of laws, contracts, evidence, real property, and trusts and estates. You may also encounter topics on civil procedure, constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, family law, torts, and secured transactions. Your instructor can help you review specific areas within these fields, but they can also help you work on key strategies and skills that will make it easier to complete the essays.

With only thirty minutes to complete each essay, appropriate time management is essential. If you struggle with quickly and precisely answering an essay question, be sure to let your instructor know. They can offer tips on outlining and organizing your thoughts or structuring a response that may make it easier for you to engage with the essays.

How Could an Arizona Bar Course Instructor Help Me Study for the MBE?

You will have the entire second day to complete this portion of the bar exam. The exam is split into two parts with one hundred multiple-choice questions in each. This section of the Arizona bar exam is weighted as 50 percent of your total score. Some of the topics you will be evaluated on during this portion of the exam include civil procedure, contracts & sales, evidence, torts, and constitutional law, among others. If you have specific questions about the seven core topics covered on the MBE, your instructor can address them.

Can an Arizona Bar Course Help Me Prepare for the MPRE?

In order to pass the Arizona bar, applicants must also successfully complete the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) with a score of at least 85. The NCBE also developed this portion of the Arizona Bar. You will have two hours to answer sixty multiple-choice questions which will evaluate your understanding and knowledge of acceptable standards of professional conduct. If you have questions about the specifics of the MPRE, your instructor can answer them.

What is the Benefit of Taking a Live Bar Class in a Collaborative Learning Environment?

Students who are facing the Arizona Bar Exam can benefit from taking a collaborative bar class in a number of different ways. In addition to providing a review of the legal concepts and procedures on which you will be tested, you can also learn more about how to take the test. Most traditional schools teach the technical information you will need to navigate the content of the exams but they don't often include the skills you need to cultivate to engage in the test itself.

While you will, of course, need to understand the legal precedents and procedures for various types of issues, you also need to know how to manage the limited amount of time you will have to devote to individual sections and questions within each section of the test. Not only can your instructor offer tips and tricks to help make this easier, but most students find their cohorts have beneficial insight and advice to offer in this area as well.

Another benefit of working in a collaborative setting is the emotional support you can receive from being in proximity to a group of people who understand exactly what it takes to prepare for such a high stakes test. Having people to talk to and decompress with can be invaluable.

Finally, working with a group of students who have spent years studying and preparing to face the same exam you will soon be taking gives you access to a group of highly motivated and intelligent team members who may have insights into legal areas with which you struggle. Hearing a new perspective on remembering key components of the test can make a world of difference on test day. Likewise, when you take the time to explain a concept or skill to a fellow student in a small group or class discussion, you may find it helps solidify your own understanding. This can make it easier to recall and utilize the information when you face it on the exam.

If you find you're still struggling with any of the concepts, you can always request additional time with your instructor outside of your scheduled sessions.

Are You Sure I Have Time for an Arizona Bar Prep Course?

We understand how busy people are, which is why we've made every effort to ensure our Arizona bar course is accessible to people with even the most hectic of schedules. New classes start every month, so you don't have to wait for a new semester to prepare.

Exams are given in February and July, but that doesn't mean your study window needs to be restricted. Since courses are ongoing throughout the year, you don't have to wait until the month before your exam to prep.

We also know that not all students study at the same pace or in the exact same way. That's why you can choose between a two- and four-week bar class. If you need to maximize a short period of time and study intensively to prepare, the two-week course is ideal. If you have limited time each day and would rather spread the sessions out over a more extended period, the four-week option can help make your study schedule more flexible. No matter which option you choose, you will receive the same professional instruction and number of hours, so the choice is really down to what works best for you.

Another way we make our courses easier to fit into your schedule is by offering them in a secure online digital environment. Many of our competitors require students to come to a physical location for their instruction. This adds many additional hours to what is already a lengthy preparation process. Our virtual classroom makes it easy for our instructors to offer live instruction to a highly engaged class of students who can attend from wherever they happen to be that day. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a digital device, you are never more than a click away from your live class.

How Do I Sign Up for an Arizona Bar Course Near Me?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to enroll in an Arizona bar prep course that can provide the type of professional academic support you deserve as you work towards your career goals. Contact Varsity Tutors today to enroll in an upcoming course or to learn more.

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