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A Nashville Chinese course by Varsity Tutors might make learning this difficult language a lot easier. If you're approaching this language from an English speaking background, then you need to prepare yourself for a major challenge. Chinese is widely considered one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn. This is exactly why it's very important to learn with the best strategies and methods available. These Chinese courses represent a great solution for anyone learning Chinese, whatever your reasons might be. Maybe you've got your eye on a university program with language requirements. Perhaps your program of choice is at Vanderbilt University or Tennessee State University. Perhaps you're a high school student who wants to learn Chinese along with your regular studies. Maybe you're studying at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School or John Overton Comprehensive High School. Maybe you're a working professional who realizes the incredible potential of learning Chinese in your career. Of all the reasons to learn Chinese, this one has some serious benefits. Learning Chinese could help you make useful and lucrative business connections in China, especially in the realms of international trade.

It's also handy to learn Chinese simply because it's the most common language on Earth. There are more speakers of Mandarin Chinese than any other language on the planet. With nearly 900 million native speakers worldwide, the only other languages that come close to comparing are Hindi and Spanish. While Mandarin is the most common Chinese dialect, there are many others. Cantonese is the second most common Chinese dialect, and you might find Cantonese speakers spread throughout the United States and many other nations outside of China. Although all Chinese dialects share the same written language, they are completely distinct from one another in oral form. It's difficult for Cantonese and Mandarin speakers to understand one another.

China is a nation filled with different ideas, cultures and unique peoples. Thousands of years ago, Emperor Qin managed to conquer all of China and unite them under one written language. But while China uses a universal writing system, the various dialects stand testament to the fact that China was never truly unified. When most people learn Chinese for the first time, they choose to learn Mandarin, as it's the most common dialect.

What Might A Nashville Chinese Course Cover?

When learning other languages such as French and German, English speakers might recognize common words and familiar rules. In contrast, almost every single aspect of the Chinese is completely foreign and unique. This lack of similarity is the main reason why Chinese is considered the hardest language to learn for English speakers. No matter which background you're coming from, the Chinese written system is unlike any other on Earth. It's the last remaining written system that uses pictographs, a system similar in part to Ancient Egyptian and Mayan Hieroglyphs. This written system has over 50,000 characters, and each character might refer to an entire word or phrase. Only 20,000 characters are used in common writing applications, but this number is still much larger than the 26 characters used in the English language. Mastering this language requires extensive practice and memorization, and your Nashville Chinese course will give you plenty of chances to hone your Chinese reading and writing skills.

Another aspect of the Chinese language that is quite confusing for English speakers to learn is its tonal system. While Mandarin Chinese uses four different distinct tones in its language, other dialects might use as many as nine. The four different tones of Mandarin are flat, rising, falling, and rising and falling. Depending on which tones are being used, the same words might have completely different meanings. Your course will teach you how to pick up on these various tones in Chinese conversation, and you'll gradually learn how to use them yourself. Once again, this feature of the Chinese language requires a lot of practice and memorization in order to become fluent.

As you learn more and more about the Chinese language, you'll add to your vocabulary at a steady pace. You'll also learn plenty of common phrases which might be useful in everyday Chinese conversations. Your course will cover many other topics, including pronunciation, grammatical systems, and much more.

How Does A Nashville Chinese Course Help You Learn?

These courses are completely online and virtual in nature. As you enter our virtual classroom, you'll join other students who are also trying to learn Chinese. These courses provide the proven benefits of a collaborative, group-based learning environment. You'll have plenty of opportunities to interact, ask questions, and practice speaking Chinese with your fellow students. You can access these courses from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computer with an internet connection. Each course is taught by highly qualified instructors. All of these instructors go through a rigorous vetting and interview process, ensuring they all have excellent communication skills in addition to a deep understanding of the Chinese language. And if you ever need extra help with any particularly challenging Chinese concepts, you can always book one-on-one personal study time with your instructor. This combination of group-based learning and personal instruction is a great mixture of different learning styles.

How Do You Sign Up For A Nashville Chinese Class?

When you sign up for a Nashville Chinese class, you'll choose from a variety of options. First, you'll choose whether you want a four-week class or a four-week class. Then, you'll choose from a variety of time slots, including night classes, weekend classes, or even classes during your lunch break. New classes start every single month, so you'll never have to wait too long to join. These classes are designed to fit in with any busy schedule, whether you're a working professional or a college student with a heavy course load.

Learning Chinese could be massively beneficial in your future in a wide variety of different ways. Contact Varsity Tutors, and we'll provide you with all the information you need to book your Nashville Chinese class today.

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