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If your student could benefit from formal Phoenix ISEE prep to help them reach for their academic goals, Varsity Tutors provides two great services that could meet your needs. The ISEE is a standardized exam that may be used by private and independent schools as one admission criterion. It is split into Primary (students entering grades 2, 3, or 4), Lower (5, 6), Middle (7,8), and Upper (grade 9+) to provide an appropriate challenge level across the academic spectrum.

While the ISEE is rarely the only thing considered on an application, a good score could definitely serve as a point in your student's favor. If your student learns best in a structured classroom environment, enrolling in a Phoenix ISEE prep course may be a good idea. If you would prefer for them to study at their own pace, working with a private Phoenix ISEE tutor may be a better choice. Either way, you'll wonder how your student ever studied for an exam without professional help.

What topics are typically covered during Phoenix ISEE prep?

The ISEE Primary Level consists of separate exams for each grade level. The Primary 2 has an Auditory Comprehension section that asks young test-takers to answer questions based on a listening passage. Otherwise, all of the Primary Level ISEEs have multiple-choice Reading (age-appropriate reading and vocab) and Math (age-appropriate math operations) sections, plus a Writing section with a picture-based prompt to give schools a sense of a student's creativity and personality.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Level ISEEs each have the same core structure consisting of the following sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay. Older students are generally expected to demonstrate more content knowledge than their younger counterparts, though they also need to know everything on previous exams. Let's take a closer look at each ISEE section in detail:

Verbal Reasoning

Students have 20 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions on this section, including synonyms and sentence completions. All students are asked to demonstrate grade-appropriate vocabulary and the ability to use context to define an unfamiliar word, while students at the Middle Level and above are also expected to effectively utilize word clues (if, although, etc.); Latin, Greek, and Anglo-Saxon prefixes, suffixes, and roots; and the parts of speech.

Quantitative Reasoning

The ISEE's first math section contains 37 multiple-choice questions over a testing session lasting 35 minutes. The emphasis is placed on mathematical thinking, rather than working out mathematical operations. Students at the Lower Level answer questions concerning the four basic operations and simple probability, while Middle Level students deal with concepts such as integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and square roots. Students taking the Upper Level ISEE are asked to analyze data sets and work with exponents and algebraic variables.

Reading Comprehension

Students have 36 multiple-choice questions to answer in 35 minutes on this section. All test-takers are asked to identify a passage's main idea and supporting details, determine an author's intent, and use context clues to define vocabulary words. Students taking the Middle Level exam are expected to draw inferences, compare and contrast, and differentiate between literal and figurative language, while the Upper Level ISEE also asks students about literary genres.

Math Achievement

The ISEE's second math section contains 47 multiple-choice questions over 40 minutes. It emphasizes math operation skills, meaning that quantitative problem-solving is very important. The Lower Level ISEE asks questions about symmetry, estimation, and fractions, while the Middle Level exam covers topics like the geometry of triangles and quadrilaterals, prime factorization, and ratios. Students taking the Upper Level ISEE need to understand everything above, plus algebraic equations, coordinate grids, and exponents.


Students introduce themselves to the schools they are applying to on this section and have 30 minutes to construct a response. This section is not scored, instead being supplied to the schools a student is applying to as an illustrative writing sample.

What are the advantages offered by the Phoenix ISEE preparation options available to me?

If you enroll your student in a Phoenix ISEE prep class, they'll go over all of the academic content on the version of the exam they are taking while learning proven test-taking strategies that may prove useful on exam day. Their instructor will be a great communicator with a wealth of knowledge about the test, so every class contains valuable information. Best of all, every class we provide takes place on an exclusive live virtual platform that facilitates digital class meetings, so you don't need to worry about a commute.

Sharing a classroom with other students can also prove beneficial. If somebody devises a great test-taking tip, they can share it with their new friends so that everybody can use it. Similarly, explaining something to somebody else can be an effective means of improving your own command of the material. Every student in the class can also split the bill, giving you more value for your money than you could get alone. If your student needs some individualized attention, it is also possible to arrange private study time with the teacher for extra help.

If you feel that the student in your life needs more private instruction than that, a one-on-one instructor may be a better fit for you. A tutor can take the time to understand their pupil's preferred learning style and design study sessions accordingly to make them more efficient. A student's unique needs are also the sole determinant of each session's pacing, allowing your student to be challenged without feeling overwhelmed.

We also make all of our products as accessible as possible. We start new courses every week, so it's always a good time to sign up for one. Similarly, we offer two and four-week sessions to make it easier to find a fit for your student's schedule. If you would prefer to work with a private instructor, our proprietary Live Learning Platform facilitates digital study sessions that are just as effective as meeting up in person.

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