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If you are considering having your student apply to an independent or private school, it could be a good idea to reach out to Varsity Tutors and enroll your student in a Philadelphia SSAT class. The SSAT is one of the entrance exams used by many independent and private schools as a component in their admissions process. Thus, doing well on the test could improve the likelihood that your student is accepted into the private or independent school of your dreams. The SSAT measures students' reading, verbal, and math skills because these are considered important when it comes to predicting academic success.

Depending on your student's grade level, they will take one of the three levels for the SSAT, which include an Elementary Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The Elementary Level test is offered to students in elementary school, the Middle Level is given to students who want to go to an independent or private middle school, and the Upper Level is designed for students who are going to attend high school.

What can a Philadelphia SSAT class help my student review?

The SSAT tests on a lot of different information across a range of academic subjects. For this reason, it may be useful for your student to take a class that helps them review topics across all four sections of the SSAT. All of the levels contain a Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, and Writing section. There are some differences between the sections across the three levels though, including the fact that the Middle and Upper Levels have 167 questions while the Elementary Level only has 89. There are also some differences in scoring as students lose one-quarter of a point for answering a question incorrectly on the Upper and Middle Levels while there isn't a penalty for choosing the wrong answer on the Elementary Level. What follows is a brief overview of the four sections and what your student will encountering during each one.


The Verbal Section is geared towards the English language on all of the levels. The Elementary Level test contains 30 questions and students are provided with 30 minutes to finish it. This section focuses the majority of its attention on vocabulary and the relationship between different words. In contrast, the Upper and Middle Levels contain 60 questions, with 30 of them covering analogies and the other 30 covering synonyms. Students only have 30 minutes to complete this section despite it having 30 extra questions.


The Quantitative section covers math related topics across all three levels. The three levels are similar in the sense that students are not allowed to use a calculator for this section regardless of their age. The Elementary Level test is comprised of 30 questions and students have 30 minutes to complete the entire section. At this level, the test is based more on basic math, including shapes, properties, and graph interpretation. It may be helpful for your student to be skilled in fractions and place values as well.

The Middle and Upper Levels have 50 total questions on this section and students have an hour to finish it. These questions cover slightly more complex math at this level such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.


The Reading section prioritizes reading comprehension across all three levels. In general, students are required to read through various passages and answer questions about what they read. The biggest difference between the three levels is the reading-level needed to comprehend the passages. While the Elementary Level is primarily focused on students being able to identify the main idea of the passage, the Middle and Upper Levels expect students to pick out details and make predictions and inferences based on the information provided.


The Writing Section isn't scored at any of the three levels, but it is still a good decision for your student to do their best on this section because their writing sample will be submitted to any school they apply.

At the Elementary Level, students are given 15 minutes to complete this section. They are given a picture and they are required to write a story about it. The story has to include a beginning, middle, and end because students are being tested on their spelling and punctuation skills as well as how well they can organize their story.

At the Middle and Upper Levels, students are given 25 minutes to finish this particular section. Your student will be given two writing prompts of which they must choose one. At the Middle Level, students have to choose between two separate creative options, while they have the option to choose between a creative or narrative prompt at the Upper Level.

How can a Philadelphia SSAT course help my student prepare?

Philadelphia SSAT courses are available for your student to take online. This can be helpful when it comes to being able to fit a course into your student's schedule. Whether your student is in the robotics club or on the swim team, it can be difficult to find time to study with so many other activities going on. That is part of what makes an online SSAT class so convenient because you won't have to stress about finding time to get your student to another activity. They can simply stay at home and still have the opportunity to prepare for the SSAT.

SSAT courses are designed to be as close to a regular classroom experience as possible. Your student will have access to an instructor who can help them review the necessary material while also giving them the chance to collaborate with other students in class discussions and group activities.

How can I enroll my student in a Philadelphia SSAT prep course?

Enrolling your student in a Philadelphia SSAT prep course can be as easy as reaching out to Varsity Tutors either online or over the phone. Don't hesitate to contact us today. Our educational consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have and enroll your student in a two-week or four-week session.

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