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No matter where you are in the GRE studying process, Varsity Tutors can pair you with a Philadelphia GRE course that can help you prepare for this exam. The GRE, or the Graduate Record Examinations, is a test that some universities use to measure a student's abilities as they apply to graduate school. If your goal is to impress Temple University with your GRE score, consider reaching out for help working towards your goals.

At Varsity Tutors, we want to help students work towards their goals. Whether you are a current undergrad student looking to further your education, or you are a young professional who wants to go back to school, we can help you find great GRE assistance. With a Philadelphia GRE prep course, you can increase your confidence in your test-taking abilities and feel as prepared as possible as your test date approaches.

It can be difficult to study for the GRE on your own, especially if you are currently a full-time student or young professional. Your study time may be sparse, so make the most of it with a GRE class. The classes we can connect you to are comprehensive, online, and interactive. Enjoy all of the benefits of a Philadelphia GRE class by enrolling in a class right away.

What does a Philadelphia GRE class cover?

The classes Varsity Tutors can connect students to cover all areas of the GRE, as well as test-taking techniques and skills. When you sign up for a GRE class, you are signing up for an organized and interactive online class that is taught by a skilled and professional instructor. There is much to enjoy about the in-depth and guided approach that a GRE class can offer.

The GRE features three sections. The first section is the Analytical Writing section. This portion includes two tasks, which test-takers must complete in 60 minutes. Individuals can receive between a zero and a six on this section. In your GRE class, you might learn how to pace yourself through these two tasks. The first task is to analyze an issue, while the second task is to analyze an argument. You are given 30 minutes for each section. This area of the GRE tests a student's abilities to articulate complex concepts, support their ideas, examine claims, and maintain a focused and coherent discussion.

The second section of the GRE is the Verbal Reasoning section. This part of the exam includes two sections, which have 20 questions each. Students are given 60 minutes to answer these 40 questions, and the section is scored on a scale from 130 to 170. The types of questions students can expect to see on the Verbal Reasoning section include reading comprehension questions, text completion questions, and sentence equivalence questions. To help you prepare, your GRE class can help you exercise your skills related to summarizing passages, interpreting meaning from context, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a position.

The final portion of the GRE is the Quantitative Reasoning section. This section includes two parts, each containing 20 questions apiece. Students are provided 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete this section. Test-takers can receive between a 130 and a 170 on this portion, with a 170 being the highest possible result. The Quantitative Reasoning section measures a student's abilities related to math. Colleges such as Villanova University look at this section to determine a student's skills when it comes to basic math, understanding math concepts, and the ability to use logical reasoning to problem solve. In your GRE class, you might study arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis to prepare for your test date.

Those preparing for the GRE should know that their exam may include an Experimental section or a Research section. Both portions are unscored, and they are used to try out questions for future use. The Experimental section is mixed in with the Verbal Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning sections and is not identified. The Research section comes at the end of the test, is marked, and is optional for test takers.

How can a Philadelphia GRE class help me study?

As you put together your application to schools like Drexel University, you may want to work towards increasing your confidence in the GRE. An impressive score on the GRE could increase your chances of acceptance to the graduate program of your dreams. In a GRE class, you can tackle critical skills related to the test and learn about each section of the exam in-depth. You can also interact with your professional and knowledgeable instructor in real time. If you have any questions as your instructor moves through your lesson, feel free to ask. You can get a reply from your instructor right away. Those enrolled in online classes can also interact with their peers. To get the most out of your GRE prep, consider taking advantage of the perks you could experience in a group class. Studying with an instructor and peers adds resources that you can't receive when studying alone.

How can I enroll in a Philadelphia GRE course?

Enrolling in a GRE course provides you with an extensive amount of benefits that you can use to feel confident as your exam date approaches. You can also carry the skills you learn in your class with you as you move through your educational career. The perks to taking a GRE course are nearly endless, so consider signing up through Varsity Tutors today!

A Philadelphia GRE course can help you feel prepared for not only the GRE, but also for graduate school coursework. Working through skills covered on the GRE could help you gain a deeper understanding of the skills that colleges look for in their students, increase your confidence in the areas of study that were causing you difficulty, and feel more comfortable with the areas you already have a firm grasp on. Enrolling in a Philadelphia GRE course can help you become a more well-rounded student and test-taker, so consider reaching out to Varsity Tutors today!

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