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Varsity Tutors offers a Raleigh-Durham Japanese course that can help you work toward your language goals in a convenient way. The course can be completed entirely online, and you get access to highly qualified and experienced Japanese language instructors no matter which level you take. Whether you are a Southeast Raleigh High School student or a student from Hillside High School looking to fulfill a language requirement or a college student from Duke University who wants to add Japanese to your set of languages, you can benefit from our online Japanese course.

Japanese is mainly spoken in Japan by more than 127 million people. Since the mid-20th century, no nation other than Japan has used Japanese as a first or a second language. Still, people from around the world are attracted to the language for a variety of reasons. For example, people hear the Japanese language through anime, manga, movies, and Jpop songs. Many language learners also want to improve their Japanese in the hopes of traveling or living in Japan or working for a Japanese company.

If you are like the many adult learners who wish to start learning Japanese because you like Japan and Japanese culture, then the Raleigh-Durham Japanese class can be a good place to start. You will be welcome at any level and there will be a competent language instructor to help you throughout your class. This class can give you the exposure you need to learn Japanese in a more convenient and affordable way.

What material will a Raleigh-Durham Japanese course cover?

Material that will be covered in the course depends on the level. For lower or beginner level Japanese sessions, you will learn about basic greetings used in both daily conversation and the business setting. The Japanese writing system - composed of hiragana, katakana, and kanji - will also be covered in the lower level courses.

Verbs and verb conjugation is another topic you will need to learn as you progress through your studies. Verb conjugation can be more simple in Japanese since you only have to remember two tenses: past and non-past. It is referred to as non-past because Japanese uses the same form for present and future tense. Still, learning verbs in Japanese can be challenging because of the formal and informal conjugations.

Besides the topics mentioned above, you will also discuss nouns, adjectives, and numbers in your Raleigh-Durham Japanese class. Keigo, or honorific language, is a topic usually discussed once you get to an intermediate level. Honorific language is basically the different ways of speaking in Japanese depending on the level of formality of the situation, the relationship between speakers, or the status of a person you are discussing.

How will a Raleigh-Durham Japanese course help me learn?

The features and services offered in the course are all designed to help you have an easier time learning Japanese. First, the course is conducted online. That means we are able to offer a range of course times throughout the day to help accommodate more students. You should have an easier time fitting a Japanese course into your schedule, regardless of your time constraints. Since you don't have to commute to a physical location, you can save time, money, and energy. This means you will have more time to do other activities while still being able to pursue your language goals.

Second, the course is led by expert Japanese instructors who are highly skilled educators and communicators. They can help you better understand complex grammar points and other aspects of Japanese. We maintain a strict and rigorous screening process to ensure your instructor can match the highest level of standards.

Third, if you still need extra time to work on your Japanese, our Raleigh-Durham Japanese class will allow you to request one-on-one time with your Japanese instructor. If you find there is a concept discussed in the class that requires further clarification before you are able to fully understand it, you can discuss this subject with your instructor during this time. Students who wish to improve on certain areas faster or those who do not yet feel confident enough in their Japanese speaking abilities to ask questions during class can greatly benefit from private assistance.

How can I get signed up?

Whether you are a total beginner or someone who already speaks Japanese but wants to become more knowledgeable, our Japanese course could have a positive impact on your studies. If you would like to know more about what the course covers for different proficiency levels or find information about the current course availability, contact Varsity Tutors today and ask about our Raleigh-Durham Japanese course.

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