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Learning Japanese can be easier when you have access to experienced instructors like the ones handling San Diego Japanese courses provided by Varsity Tutors. Japanese has a different sentence order compared to English and there are many expressions that you cannot translate literally, which may leave you scratching your head in confusion and may slow down your progress. With an expert instructor on your side, you can immediately ask questions and get relevant answers.

Japanese is mainly spoken in the Japanese archipelago, and there no other countries that have used the language as their first or second language. However, if you plan on traveling to Japan or working for a company that does business in Japan, knowing how to speak Japanese can be a really valuable skill. College students from schools like the University of San Diego study Japanese to broaden their skill set and boost their job prospects, while there are also high school students from Torrey Pines High School and San Ysidro High School who learn Japanese because they enjoy consuming Japanese media like anime or manga. No matter what your language goals are, you could have an easier time with your Japanese studies while enrolled in a San Diego Japanese class.

What material will a San Diego Japanese course cover?

You will cover a lot of different topics about Japanese in your class, but more importantly, you will build a good foundation of grammar that can help you speak beautiful Japanese. For students who don't have a background or are total beginners, your San Diego Japanese class will cover the Japanese writing system. Japanese uses three writing systems, namely hiragana, katakana, and kanji. You will need to learn how to write and pronounce each character and practice reading them in simple sentences.

You will also learn essential vocabulary and commonly used fixed expressions in Japanese. These include greetings for daily conversation and situations. As you move up your level, you will learn more expressions for business settings and for speaking with older people, acquaintances, and proper vocabulary and salutations based on social and professional status.

The Japanese language also reflects a lot about its people, so your class may also discuss different topics about Japanese society, arts, and culture.

How will a San Diego Japanese course help me learn?Enrolling in the Japanese course can give you access to knowledgeable Japanese language instructors who can teach you the basics of grammar and sentence structure and even advanced level topics like "Keigo" or honorific language in Japanese. Learning can be easier since you already have an organized curriculum to follow, and your instructor can help you learn each topic thoroughly until you are able to have a good grasp of them.

Even if you already have a background in Japanese, having access to an expert language mentor can have a positive impact on your overall skills and proficiency level. You can review and practice topics you previously learned and add new knowledge through the lessons you will have in class.

The San Diego Japanese class is also conducted online, so it is a big help to those students who want to learn Japanese but don't have the time to commute or can't find a class schedule they can fit into theirs. An online class is live and interactive, which means you can hear, see, ask questions, and participate in language exercises as if you were in a physical classroom. Since your instructor is right with you while studying, you can get instant feedback as well about your Japanese language skills, so your progress can be faster compared to learning on your own.

If you need help on areas that are more challenging, our Japanese course will allow you to request a one-on-one session from your instructor so that you can have personalized and focused attention and address your difficulties faster. This private support is just one of the many benefits you can get from the course that may not be available in a traditional classroom setup.

How can I get signed up?

Since our Japanese courses are offered online, you can make your Japanese studies easier and more convenient. There are many course times to choose from, and you can even take evening classes if you have a jam-packed schedule in the daytime. Call Varsity Tutors if you would like more details about our San Diego Japanese course. Our expert educational consultants are ready to give you more information about how you can get started in the next round of classes.

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