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If your student is in the process of preparing to take the ISEE, Varsity Tutors can help get him or her enrolled in a Washington DC ISEE course that offers a more thorough review than they might be able to achieve on their own. The Independent School Entrance Examination, more commonly referred to as the ISEE, is a test that admissions departments at independent schools use to assess applicants. A Washington DC ISEE prep course could be the right solution for helping your student performs to the best of their abilities. The ISEE is a hurdle to jump on the course to independent school admissions, and one of the prep courses we can set your student up with makes for a great option for those interested in preparing themselves to perform as best they can.

What can a Washington DC ISEE course help my student review?

If your student is pursuing admission at an independent school, it is important for him or her to do well on the ISEE. One key factor to note before beginning preparation is that there are four different versions of the ISEE, and you are going to want to ensure your student is studying for the correct one. These versions include Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper Level, and they are designed to be taken by varying age groups and educational levels. Let's take a more in-depth look at each version of the test.

First, we have the Upper Level ISEE, which is to be taken by those entering ninth grade or above. Throughout this version of the test, participants will be required to complete five different sections including Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and Essay. The Verbal Reasoning portion of the ISEE focuses on concepts such as high school-level vocabulary, context clues, and parts of speech. Throughout the Quantitative Reasoning section, students will be expected to understand concepts like solving equations and working with variables and exponents. Next, your student will complete the Reading Comprehension portion, which touches on concepts like how to find and use information from passages to answer questions. The Math Achievement section follows and is designed to assess math operational skills and understanding of topics including algebra and geometry. Lastly, we have the Essay part of the test, which involves concepts such as how to plan and organize a written piece.

Next, we have the Middle Level ISEE. This level of the test is for those entering seventh or eighth grade and features the same sections, timing, and number of questions as are featured in the Upper Level ISEE. There are, however, major differences in terms of the concepts and topics involved. During the Verbal Reasoning section, in which students have 20 minutes to answer 40 questions, test takers will be expected to understand concepts like both middle and high school-level vocabulary. The Quantitative Reasoning portion allows 35 minutes to complete 37 questions and touches on topics including measurement, geometry, and problem-solving. Next, we have the Reading Comprehension section, where students are given 35 minutes to complete 36 questions. This area of the test covers concepts like inferring information not explicitly stated and comparing and contrasting information. The Math Achievement section, which allows 40 minutes to answer 47 questions, touches on topics including data analysis and measurement. Finally, the Essay section of the ISEE allows students 30 minutes to complete one essay based on a prompt on a topic of interest to students at the high school level.

The Lower Level ISEE, which is intended for students entering fifth or sixth grade, also features the same number of questions, timing, and sections as the previous levels but with a few key differences. For the Verbal Reasoning section in this version, participants should understand concepts like using context clues to complete a sentence. When it comes to the Quantitative Reasoning portion, test takers will be quizzed on topics including estimation and comparison. Next, during the Reading Comprehension section, students will have to answer questions regarding main and supporting ideas, organization, and vocabulary. For the Math Achievement part of the Lower Level ISEE, test takers are expected to know concepts such as simple operations and estimation. Lastly, in the Essay section of this version students will be given a prompt about a topic of interest to students at the elementary school level.

Last, we have the Primary Level ISEE, which comes in three different versions: Primary 2, 3, and 4. Primary 2 is intended for those entering second grade, Primary 3 is intended for those entering third grade, and Primary 4 is intended for those entering fourth grade. All versions of the Primary Level ISEE involve a Reading Section, Math section, and Writing Sample. The main difference between versions is that the Level 2 one also consists of an Auditory Comprehension section, where students will be given seven minutes to answer six questions based on various passages.

How can a Washington DC ISEE class help my student prepare?

Each Washington DC ISEE class is designed to be an excellent supplement to classroom learning for students. Expert instructors will assist your student as they learn the content required for completing the ISEE while building time management, prioritization, and organizational skills. In a positive, encouraging work environment, students will learn to work smarter so that they can achieve much more in a shorter period of time. Instructors also offer continuous feedback that students just don't get in typical school settings. On top of all this, ISEE prep classes help to build general study skills that will work for your student personally and can be used for the rest of his or her life.

How can I find a Washington DC ISEE class?

Aside from helping your student prepare for the ISEE, prep courses are an investment in his or her future. Varsity Tutors is able to get your student enrolled in the right ISEE course that fits their schedule. No matter what their long-term goals are, students put so much energy and time into their education already, so why not invest the time they have already set aside to prepare in a convenient, comprehensive way to review? Contact Varsity Tutors now to get additional information on how a Washington DC ISEE course could help your student work toward completing the ISEE and let us help them prepare for their future.

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