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Whether you attend Southwest High School, Reagan High School, the University of Texas-San Antonio, or another school in the metropolitan area, Varsity Tutors can help you reach for your language goals by enrolling you in a San Antonio Japanese class. Studying a foreign language can be a trial for speakers of all levels. Plus, a traditional classroom atmosphere may not be able to meet your personal needs. So, it's your responsibility to seek out extra assistance, and you can do that by signing up for a San Antonio Japanese class.

Japanese is a very popular language that's spoken by over 127 million people in the world. Little is known about its origins, and it was once believed to be unrelated to other languages. Today, it's commonly believed that the Japanese language is part of the Japonic language family. There's also a theory that Japanese and Korean have a genetic relationship. The Japanese language is comprised of four writing systems: hiragana, romaji, katakana, and kanji. Hiragana is Japan's most original writing system, and it's the first set of writing taught to children. Romaji is a Romanized version of Japanese words. Katakana is used for non-Japanese words. Kanji is a Chinese writing system containing approximately 2,000 signs.

Learning Japanese can help you pursue many academic or vocational paths. If you always dreamed of going to a school in Japan, knowledge of the language can help you get a taste of the local culture and possibly make friends. Fluency in Japanese allows you to pursue careers like translation, private tutoring, hospitality, and more. You can even have some fun by writing your name using one of the Japanese writing systems. Whether you're in school, involved in an established profession, or someone who wants to learn something new, we can get you started with a San Antonio Japanese class.

What material would a San Antonio Japanese course cover?

Verbs in the Japanese language are conjugated to show tenses. It has only two tenses: past and non-past. A tense is called non-past because the Japanese language uses the same tense for present and future. Also, Japanese uses four common types of honorifics: san, kun, chan, and sama. San is similar to "Mr." or "Mrs." Kun is typically used for male students or subordinates. Chan is usually used to address lovers, female relatives, and close friends. Sama is used to address customers and superiors. You'll also need to know about nouns, sentence structure, pronunciation, essential vocabulary, and other topics your teacher can go over.

How will a San Antonio Japanese course help me learn?

Each lesson in a San Antonio Japanese course is 100 percent online, and all of them are directed by a skilled Japanese teacher. It takes place in a virtual classroom where you sign in and interact with your peers and a teacher. In addition to reviewing language concepts, you and your fellow students can study Japan's history and culture and hold discussions about Japanese literature. Depending on your individual skill level, your teacher can conduct entire lessons in Japanese. An immersive experience can make you more comfortable with understanding and speaking the language.

There are many upsides to studying with other pupils. Working with others helps you practice teamwork because your peers can share their knowledge in one or more topics to help you and vice-versa. If you have a quiz or a test coming up soon, you have someone readily available to help you prepare. Additionally, if you want one-on-one assistance on certain concepts, your instructor is more than happy to give it to you. Before they can teach a class, they have to go through an intense vetting process to make sure they possess knowledge in their field and can communicate well with students.

Since every course is online, you can engage in lessons from your bedroom or anywhere else with a stable internet connection. We know that most students are busy with obligations like school classes, family, and/or a job. So, we try to make it possible for you to balance your studies and your responsibilities by offering courses with flexible schedules. You can choose to sign up for a two-week course or a four-week course.

I think I would like to get started with this program. How do I sign up for a Japanese course?

You have two ways of signing up for a San Antonio Japanese course. You can either call to speak with a Varsity Tutors representative or submit a message via our online contact form. If you're eager to get started or if you have more questions, please reach out to us today.

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