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Varsity Tutors offers help for anyone that is studying for their Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE, by offering a Detroit GRE prep course. Whether you are a student hoping to continue their education or a working professional that sees the benefits of earning your graduate degree, you have probably considered taking the GRE as part of your application process. Do you have your sights set on attending Wayne State University or another college in the Detroit area? Well earning a high score on this exam could possibly impact whether or not you gain admittance to your preferred university.

What does the Detroit GRE course review?

The GRE is made up of three sections that can help universities evaluate your current skills and the likelihood that you will succeed in a graduate-level program. These areas include Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. When you sign up for a prep course through Varsity Tutors, you will gain access to experienced instructors that can provide you with tips and strategies to utilize during each section of the exam.

You may be wondering what you will be faced with during these different sections. For starters, your Detroit GRE course will review the Analytical Writing segment. During this portion of the exam, students will be issued two separate writing prompts and are allowed thirty minutes to complete their work. Students are required to respond to one issue and one argument while demonstrating their ability to understand complex concepts, support ideas, and examine claims.

Your class also provides an in-depth review of the Verbal Reasoning section. In this portion of the exam, you will be faced with a variety of questions that are focused on testing a student's ability to understand passages they read, accurately summarize information, identify weaknesses in a written argument, and draw conclusions based on ideas presented. Similar to Analytical Writing, you will have sixty minutes to complete all of the questions on this area of the exam.

The GRE uses various question structures on this portion of the exam, and a Detroit GRE class could help you improve your proficiency in this test format. For example, you will be present with approximately ten passages on the test and will be required to answer between one and six questions for each passage. This is used to test reading comprehension. There are also fill-in-the-blank style questions during the Verbal Reasoning section, and you will have to select the best option from a list of potential answers.

When you face the Quantitative Reasoning portion of the exam, you will be faced with questions designed to test basic math skills, your understanding of mathematical concepts, and your use of logical reasoning when faced with a problem. This is also the longest test segment, taking an hour and ten minutes. During this time, you will have to answer questions that include some math that was taught in high school, so it would be beneficial to receive a refresher on those math formulas before the exam. The math section on the exam needs to be completed as efficiently and as effectively as possible, so time-management skills are essential. Your prep class could help you better develop these skills.

The content areas that are highlighted on this portion of the GRE are arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, questions related to general quantitative comparisons, and an understanding of numeric entry.

Another challenge that you may come across on test day are the Experimental and Research sections. If present, the Experimental section will be embedded within your Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning questions. The Research section would come at the end of the exam and might be in place of the Experimental portion. However, the latter of these two segments is clearly identified and optional for each test-taker. Either way, these areas will not be included in your overall exam score.

What are some advantages of the Detroit GRE course?

The GRE courses are held in an interactive, virtual classroom with other fellow test-preppers. Whether you are a student or working professional interested in pursuing your education at business school, we understand that you probably have a demanding schedule. This is where Varsity Tutors can help. We offer a variety of courses times which allows you to choose one that best fits within your current schedule. You can even choose between a two or four-week class schedule. The virtual aspect means that you can choose to study in whichever location you prefer, as long as you have an internet connection. Do you prefer to study from the comfort of your own sofa? How about at your favorite coffee shop down the road? Either way, we have you covered. There is no commute necessary to attend one of our GRE courses.

The sessions in the course will run much the same way that an in-person classroom operates. You will work on important GRE skills for all of the sections that will be found on the test. The ability to interact directly with your course instructor and fellow classmates allows you the chance to receive additional input or tips for areas that you find particularly troublesome. Or perhaps you prefer to discuss your exam questions in a more private setting. Well, not to worry. Signing up for a GRE prep course through us will allow you to have one-on-one tutoring with your instructor.

While you have the option of working one-on-one for some problems, the fact that your primary class time will be spent learning in a group environment allows you to receive similar tips and strategies that you would gain from a completely private tutoring experience without the higher price point. Coupled with the flexible course schedule and mobility, this makes our courses a great value from students of every background.

How can I get signed up for a Detroit GRE class?

If you have decided that signing up for a Detroit GRE class is the route you want to take on your test-prep journey, then contact Varsity Tutors today. We have educational consultants that would love the opportunity to further discuss your schedule and find a class that fits your specific needs.

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