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Whether law school is a route you have just started considering or it is the educational path you have been traveling down for years, Varsity Tutors can help you along the way by setting you up with a Minneapolis LSAT course. The Law School Admission Test, commonly referred to as the LSAT, is an important step in the application process for anyone seeking admittance to the law school of their choosing. Perhaps your dream is to attend a Minnesota law school such as the University of Minnesota Law School or the University of St. Thomas School of Law. Perhaps you instead have your sights set on another ABA-accredited law school or Canadian common-law law school. Either way, the score you receive on the LSAT may be the difference between acceptance and rejection from your preferred university.

If you want to learn study techniques and exam tips that could help you reach your personal best LSAT score, then a Minneapolis LSAT prep course may be just what you need. This interactive, online course is led by expert instructors that provide support and guidance throughout your test prep journey. You will also learn alongside other students who are preparing for the LSAT.

What can a Minneapolis LSAT class prepare me for?

As you have surely learned throughout your education and work experiences, success is greatly impacted by preparedness. Whether it's an interview for the promotion you want, a class presentation for your final project, or a final exam, you probably didn't walk into the experience without having gone over the material. In all likelihood, you spent time preparing and studied the relevant information.

The LSAT should be approached in the exact same manner, and a Minneapolis LSAT prep course can help you arrive on test day feeling more prepared and confident. The LSAT is an exam made up of four separate sections, and your prep course could help form strategies and tips to tackle each section.

One of the sections you will face on test day is Reading Comprehension. You will have 35 minutes to complete this portion of the exam. It analyzes your ability to read and comprehend complex written segments that you will commonly encounter during law school. You will be faced with a variety of questions regarding the main concept in a written piece, ideas present in the text, how new information would impact the argument presented, and even the author's tone.

Analytical Reasoning is another 35-minute section. This portion of the exam will focus on your ability to understand the structure of different relationships and formulate conclusions about this structure. Some skills you will need to possess to succeed within this section include being able to decide what could be true by assessing the provided facts and rules, identify whether or not two statements are logically equivalent, or determine a solution to presented problems.

The longest section of the exam, at least in terms of time, is the Logical Reasoning portion. This 70-minute section is meant to measure your ability to analyze, evaluate, and complete complex arguments. You will be presented with content from varying sources, such as newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. You will then need to answer questions and show your ability to identify parts of arguments and how they relate to one another, formulate conclusions, evaluate how new information would affect the argument, and identify errors in the arguments presented.

The Writing portion of the exam will be unscored and last 35 minutes. You will find yourself faced with a problem and need to choose between two positions. You will then need to explain the reason for your decision using an argumentative writing style. There are no wrong answers, just inadequate arguments. The section is meant to show law schools that you are capable of presenting arguments clearly in an organized, well-written manner.

How can a Minneapolis LSAT class help prepare me for the exam?

An LSAT class can help you gain confidence in your test-taking abilities and develop a study plan and skills that could result in you earning a higher score on exam day. All of the classes are led by expert instructors in an interactive, online environment. The online nature of the class adds convenience. As long as you have an internet connection, you can attend class in the location of your choosing.

Because the classes are interactive, you will be able to directly communicate with the instructor and other members of the class. This can result in further clarification for concepts or question structures that you find particularly troublesome, and it may help you improve at a faster pace than if you had to reason through the problems on your own. Perhaps another test prep classmate has faced and overcome similar challenges, and they can provide advice that you would have not otherwise thought of.

There are new sections of the course beginning on a weekly basis, so you can select the option that best fits within your current schedule and responsibilities. The course is also offered in two different lengths. Depending on your preference, we can set you up with a two- or four-week long course. In addition to the classroom setting, you will also have the possibility to work with your instructor in a one-on-one setting.

How can I get signed up for a Minneapolis LSAT course?

If you have decided that law school is the path you want to take and feel that a Minneapolis LSAT course may help you gain admittance to your preferred school, then contact Varsity Tutors today. Regardless of where you currently are in your test prep progress, we have a knowledgeable staff that would be happy to discuss the different study solutions at your disposal. If you're not sure of the method that would suit you best, our educational consultants would be happy to discuss and explain the different options available to you. Let us get you set up with a test prep course that best fits within your schedule and meets your particular needs.

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