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Varsity Tutors is happy to enroll prospective law students in a Columbus LSAT class that is geared towards helping students perform well on the exam. Students understand that the score received on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) can affect decisions when it comes to entrance into law schools. A Columbus LSAT class can help you become better prepared for the variety of challenges you will face on this important exam.

The academic guidance provided by a Columbus LSAT prep course can give you several advantages heading into exam day. Your courses will be conducted online in a learning environment in which you will collaborate with your fellow classmates. The course will be taught by a qualified instructor who knows the ins and outs of the LSAT. Varsity Tutors will enroll you in a Columbus LSAT course that can improve your understanding of the topics that will be on the exam.

If you're a student applying to law school, then you will know that taking the LSAT is often a major part of the admissions process. Whatever school you're applying to, whether it's the Michael E. Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University, Capital University Law School, or any other in the area, the assistance offered by a Columbus LSAT class can give you the edge you need feel ready for the exam. The LSAT consists of four sections that will challenge different skills in a variety of question formats. This exam is your opportunity to impress admissions boards and work your way into the program of your choice.

What will be covered during the Columbus LSAT course?

There are four sections that make up the LSAT: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Writing. Other than the Writing section, the rest of the questions are multiple choice. Test takers will be given digital tablets on which they will take the test. With all four sections combined, you have a total of 175 minutes to complete the entire test, though each section has its own time limit. A Columbus LSAT course can help you improve the skills that are required to succeed in each section of the exam. Let's further breakdown the LSAT by going through one section at a time and looking at the types of questions you will be asked in each section.

The Reading Comprehension section must be completed within 35 minutes. You will be presented with long-form texts that you will have to read and analyze. The subject of the texts will be related to what you will be studying in law school. Some of the questions will test your ability to evaluate the author's tone, make inferences based on information revealed in the writing, and understand the main idea or purpose of the text.

The Analytical Reasoning section also has an allotted time of 35 minutes. This section will challenge you to understand a structure of relationships and to make your own conclusions about that particular structure. There are several skills that will be evaluated in this section. One skill is the ability to recognize two statements in a logically equivalent context. During this section, you will be presented with hypotheticals from which you must make inferences on what could or must be true based on the information that's provided to you. You will also have to make inferences based on certain facts and rules that are presented to you.

The Logical Reasoning section is made up of 2 sections, each with an allotted time of 35 minutes. The questions in this section are meant to evaluate your aptitude in analyzing, evaluating, and completing arguments. The arguments will be taken from sources such as academic publications, newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. Some of the skills evaluated in the section include your ability to identify the various flaws the presented arguments as well as your ability to draw conclusions that are supported with relevant examples.

The Writing section of the LSAT gives you 35 minutes to finish your written response. The prompt will present you with a problem, then give you two options for how to solve the problem. You must choose what you think is the best way to solve the problem, then defend your opinion using your writing skills to persuade the reader. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the kinds of skills that law schools look for in an applicant.

How can a Columbus LSAT course help me prepare for the exam?

The LSAT course is taken online, facilitating your access to learning. Varsity Tutors realizes that most people have busy schedules, which is why we do our best to make the process as smooth as possible. New Columbus LSAT courses start every week, and you have the option to take either two or four-week sessions. With the course given online, you have the freedom to work from a location that you find convenient.

A Columbus LSAT class is presented online by an instructor who can show you techniques that can help to improve your test-taking skills. You even have the opportunity for some one-on-one time to review a certain topic that you're having difficulty understanding. A common strategy employed by LSAT instructors is a practice test to help you gain familiarity and increase your comfort level with the types of questions you will encounter on the exam.

How can I find a Columbus LSAT prep course?

Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Columbus LSAT course that covers material in depth while helping you develop strategies for doing your best. We know you might be concerned about your lack of availability, which is why we'll find the space in your schedule so that you have access to the course that you've been looking for. There are courses available during the week and on the weekend, making it easier to fit into your calendar. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today. Varsity Tutors will answer your questions and find you a Columbus LSAT course that can give you a better opportunity to maximize your potential on the exam.

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