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If you're trying to get into one of the nation's top law schools or advance your law education locally at The University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Louisville LSAT prep course. Interactive online courses provide a collaborative environment where participants can work with an expert instructor. A variety of test prep resources are available. Whether you need a detailed review or can benefit from learning test-taking skills, a Louisville LSAT course may be just the thing to help reach for your performance goals.

Getting through the LSAT is a critical step in acceptance into law school. The LSAT, otherwise known as the Law School Admissions Test, measures various reading, logic, and analytical skills. Presented in a digital format in the test center, the exam is completed on a tablet provided by the facility. Answers can be selected by tapping the screen. A host of unique features are included, such as highlighting, question flagging, and a timer with a five-minute warning.

Most of the LSAT is multiple-choice, with the exception of the LSAT Writing test. It is administered online. You will have access to the secure testing platform for up to a year from the date you complete the rest of the exam. But right now, your focus must be on test prep and improving on crucial skills like the ones covered by each course.

What Subjects and Skills Does a Louisville LSAT Course Cover?

The LSAT, accepted by admissions departments at all ABA-accredited law schools and Canadian common-law law schools, consists of four sections. The first section that your course can cover is Reading Comprehension. Practice with long-form texts ahead of the exam can help you work through these more efficiently, answering questions that require you to infer specific information or ideas or identify details that are explicitly stated. Other responses examine your ability to understand words and phrases in context and apply analogies, organization, or structure, as well as the application of information in selecting new content, all within 35 minutes.

In the Analytical Reasoning section, you have 35 minutes to demonstrate your ability to understand the structure of relationships and draw conclusions about them. It assesses your ability to reason with conditional statements and infer what could or must be true based on facts, rules, or hypothetical circumstances. While this part assesses your analytical skills, the Logical Reasoning section gives you 70 minutes to answer questions that require you to analyze, evaluate, and complete arguments based on the content in newspapers, magazines, scholarly publications, advertisements, and informal discourses. Many types of reasoning skills are assessed here while you evaluate arguments, disagreements, principles, rules, and explanations.

The Writing section is where you can choose your position on an issue and showcase your argumentative writing skills. While this section does not receive a score and doesn't involve a right or wrong answer, it enables you to prove to law schools that you can organize a writing sample quickly (within 35 minutes) and are adept at reasoning, language usage, and clarity. Your writing sample will be sent to any law school that you apply to.

Each multiple-choice section is scored based on how many questions you answer correctly. This provides your raw score. You're not penalized based on any questions you get wrong, and nor are there deductions for incorrect answers, so you can guess if you need to. Raw scores range from 120 to 180.

How Can a Louisville LSAT Class Benefit During My Test Prep?

Collaborating with your peers and being instructed by an experienced teacher helps uncover learning opportunities and practice for the exam. You don't want to leave out any topics. Complete coverage ensures that you can work on improving your analytical and reasoning skills and prepare to perform your best on test day. Your instructor can discuss the LSAT based on its content and format, and provide practice exercises to familiarize you with its structure. Plus, you get to work with groups of peers who are facing the same challenges and have the same goals as you. A Louisville LSAT class can include exercises to practice reasoning with different types of information, reading and inferring information from complex texts, and critically evaluating and analyzing different types of content sources.

The Louisville LSAT course is fully interactive. You can see, hear, and speak with the instructor, and communicate your ideas and concerns. Other participants can ask questions that you can gain invaluable insights from. With the instructor's guidance, you can move towards being prepared for and confident about the LSAT. There may also be times you don't fully grasp a concept. Instructors can set aside time to assist you one-on-one if necessary. This level of flexibility is seen as soon as you sign up. Two- and four-week courses are offered so that you can pick a course at a time that doesn't conflict with any other activities in your schedule. In addition, courses start weekly so you don't have to wait to get started.

How Do I Sign Up for a Louisville LSAT Course?

Students all too often forgo test prep to tend to other obligations. However, structured preparation is what you need to ensure you have the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to take an exam at peak performance. Any jitters can affect your ability to think clearly. The more you prepare, the more concise and efficient you can be.

That is the focus of online prep classes. Varsity Tutors can help make the most of your investment in your education and career with comprehensive subject reviews and practice. Learn how to take the LSAT from an expert's perspective, such as choosing answers by identifying incorrect ones, or finding clues in the text to arrive at your answer more quickly. If you want to reach for your test score goals to impress law school admissions offices, sign up for a Louisville LSAT class today. Educational consultants are ready to take your call, answer your questions, and be part of your journey towards LSAT prep and a law school education.

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