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The LSAT assesses several major skills that predict how well you might do in law school. It is utilized by every ABA-accredited law school as a part of their admissions process. The LSAT is not the only factor in getting accepted into a law school, such as Duke University School of Law or the North Carolina Central University School of Law, but it does play a significant part. If you believe that it may be useful for you to get some extra help as you start your journey towards preparing for your exam, you may want to consider contacting Varsity Tutors to begin a Raleigh-Durham LSAT class.

On the day of the test, you will go to the testing center and take the test on a digital tablet. When you are ready to answer a question, you just need to tap on the answer you want to choose. Taking the test on a tablet provides a couple of benefits as compared to taking it on paper. One benefit is that you will have access to a timer that gives you an idea as to how much time you have left on each section when you're within five minutes of the allotted time for each section. Furthermore, you'll be able to identify any questions you might want to go back to if you have any extra time at the end of the section.

Only three out of the four sections on the LSAT are taken on the tablet. The last section includes a Writing portion and is taken on a secure online platform. You have to finish it within a year of taking the other three sections.

When it comes to scoring, the LSAT focuses on how many questions you answer correctly. Every question is weighted the same, so your score is about the exact number of questions you answer correctly rather than answering any specific questions right. Additionally, you are not penalized in any way if you answer a question wrong. Thus, if you aren't sure about how to answer a particular question, you can feel free to guess.

What can a Raleigh-Durham LSAT class help me review?

The LSAT is made up of four sections, which includes Writing, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Every section on the LSAT measures different skills that are designed to predict how well you will perform in law school. The Writing section requires you to examine two different possible courses of action and decide which one you would like to defend. Neither answer is considered to be correct or incorrect, but you will be expected to provide reasoning and logic for your answer.

Logical Reasoning is concerned with your ability to evaluate and analyze different arguments. This section contains information from numerous sources, including newspapers, magazines, and advertisements, among others. This section examines your skills in many different areas, such as whether you are able to draw conclusions, if you can reason by using analogies, and how well you can recognize misunderstandings and areas of disagreement.

Analytical Reasoning measures your skills when it comes to comprehending relationships and if you can reach a conclusion based on those relationships. This section identifies whether you can understand relationships by determining a complete solution, how well you can reason based on conditional statements, and if you can recognize that two different statements are logically equivalent based on context.

Finally, the Reading Comprehension section requires you to read through difficult passages and answer questions about them to show that you can comprehend challenging concepts, which is an essential skill in law school.

How can a Raleigh-Durham LSAT course help me prepare for the exam?

There are myriad of ways in which a Raleigh-Durham LSAT course can assist you in your preparation for the exam. One way in which an instructor in an LSAT course can help you is by reviewing the material that will most likely be on the exam. The LSAT contains information from an extensive amount of sources. Thus, it can seem daunting at times if you aren't quite sure how to divide the material parts that seem more manageable.

It can also be helpful to work on familiarizing yourself with words and phrases that could be on the test. There could be several words or phrases that you don't really understand, which can make it challenging to answer the questions involved. A Raleigh-Durham LSAT course can assist in this regard by reviewing words and phrases that could be on the exam. However, there is always the potential that there will be words and phrases that you didn't cover in your class or come across when you were studying on your own. As such, it can also be beneficial to figure out how to answer questions based on just context when you aren't sure about a word or phrase.

Varsity Tutors' Raleigh-Durham LSAT class takes place online. Thus, it is easier than ever for you to find a way to fit a class into your busy schedule. You don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way to your class because you can just take the class at your house or anywhere with access to the Internet.

Your class is designed to look and feel just like a traditional class. You can work with an expert who can help you review for the test and study with your peers who can offer insight into how they go about using logic and reason. When it comes to using these essential skills needed for the LSAT, it can be helpful to get perspectives from different sources.

How can I find a Raleigh-Durham LSAT prep course?

Signing up for a Raleigh-Durham LSAT prep course is simple. All you need to do is contact Varsity Tutors either online or over the phone. You can sign up for either a session lasting two weeks or four weeks based on your individual needs. If you feel like you could benefit from taking a Raleigh-Durham LSAT course, don't hesitate to sign up today.

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