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When you need guided help to prepare for the LSAT, Varsity Tutors is here for you. We offer a leading Tulsa LSAT prep course that lasts for 2 weeks, and one which lasts for 4 weeks. Either way, you have a convenient time frame to prepare for this important law school examination. These courses are available online, too, so you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Taking the LSAT is a big step towards your law career. Whether you're a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in legal studies or you're returning to school from a few years working in an office, all graduate schools look for scores on standardized tests. When you apply to law school, the college - for example, the University of Tulsa College of Law - will consider at your LSAT scores. There are many important parts of your application, but scoring well on the LSAT makes you a competitive candidate for many top law schools around the United States.

How will a Tulsa LSAT class work for me?

The "Law School Admissions Test," or LSAT for short, is a standardized test with four sections, three of which are scored. Your final score will range from 120 to 180, with 180 being the best possible score. The fourth section, Writing, is unscored but will serve as an admissions essay so law school administrators can see if you have the analytic and writing abilities to complete a law degree. Each section is timed and measures different abilities that are all relevant to a career in law. You can understand how to manage these sections with the allotted time thanks to the great instructors who teach our Tulsa LSAT class.

The three scored sections of the LSAT are: Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. Both Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning have one part, with 35 minutes allotted for you to complete the section. Logical Reasoning has a 70-minute time limit, but it is divided into two parts, timed at 35 minutes each, so the structure is close to the previous two sections.

The Reading Comprehension section tests your ability to read through and understand details in complex, long-form texts, similar to those you will read throughout law school. You will be asked questions involving the main idea or primary purpose of the selected text, the application of information to a new context, and the impact of this information on specific arguments.

Analytical Reasoning tests your ability to understand the relationship between events and arguments and then draw conclusions. Skills assessed in this section include reasoning with conditional statements, inferring the truth from provided facts and rules, and recognizing the logical equivalence of two statements in specific contexts.

The subsections within Logical Reasoning use different content sources, like newspapers and scholarly publications, to test your skills in recognizing different parts of an argument and their relationship, reasoning by analogy, and identifying flaws in arguments. You will also be tested on drawing well-supported conclusions.

Although the Writing section does not impact your final score, the written argument you develop in this part will be copied and sent to law schools alongside your LSAT scores. One benefit of taking the Tulsa LSAT course to prepare for this exam will be learning approaches to managing multiple choice questions, which is the format used for the Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension sections. The Writing section involves a free-form essay, which may not seem like a skill that can be taught in an online course, but the instructor can give you practice essays and evaluate your writing to help you improve.

Why should I take this Tulsa LSAT course?

Varsity Tutors can enroll you in an online LSAT course led by knowledgeable instructors, whom we thoroughly interview to ensure they can communicate information and instruct students well. They can guide your study sessions with the LSAT to help you build confidence in the topics, format, and time limits. Our online courses are also group-based, so you will work with other students to understand the material that may appear on the LSAT. However, if you find yourself struggling with a topic or to understand feedback, you can schedule time with an instructor one-on-one.

You can study on your own time, without the oversight of a professional tutor. You can even walk into the LSAT without studying at all, and trust your knowledge to guide you. But without studying at all, you're more likely to become flustered as you try to answer questions in a limited time. And without the structure of a regular Tulsa LSAT course, you may find yourself making excuses to not study for this important exam at all. Working with a group that gathers through our online portal means you have the ability to gain additional insight into how other students are thinking about the test. You will also have an instructor to guide your practice, which can help you feel more grounded in how to take this test. Finally, you can get practice exams to help you time yourself on completing the vital sections of the LSAT.

Where can I find a Tulsa LSAT class?

Our online portal can lead you through selecting a two-week-long or four-week-long class and then can pair you with an LSAT instructor and group of students. If you find you benefited so much from the course that you want to take it again, in-person tutoring is also available! There is no wrong way to prepare for the LSAT, but as our lives feel more hectic and full, many people find that online instruction helps them set aside the time they need to study, while offering them convenience and comfort of working in their homes, at a coffee shop, or at another location that they love.

Feeling prepared and confident starts with focused study through practice tests, multiple choice strategies, and instruction. This exam creates the foundation of your law school admissions packet, and developing study habits now, with online tutoring sessions, can lead to better study habits throughout a challenging law school career. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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