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Is your student yearning to enroll in a desired private or independent school? Let Varsity Tutors assist them with an ISEE prep course. If you've already spent time looking up things like "ISEE help near me" online, then you may already know how effective it can be to work with an expert while preparing for this exam. The ISEE, short for the Independent School Entrance Exam, is a test that private and independent schools use to measure a pupil's knowledge in academic topics to determine admission. Contact us for more information about how ISEE prep courses can help your student pursue academic success.

Why Take the ISEE?

Your student may need to take the Independent School Entrance Examination if you plan on sending them to a private elementary, middle, or high school. The exam was designed to help competitive private schools assess the competency of the students who apply to them. That means that a good score on the ISEE could help a student get accepted into their first choice private school. This is why taking ISEE classes can be such a valuable addition to your student's test preparation process. You can easily sign up for ISEE classes by getting in touch with Varsity Tutors today. Or, keep reading to get more information on the exam and what taking ISEE courses can do for your child.

ISEE Exam Eligibility Requirements

If your child needs to take the ISEE, there aren't many requirements that they'll need to satisfy before you can sign them up. To register for the exam, it's recommended that you get started with the process as soon as possible. This can make it easier to get a slot on your ideal test date. Since the registration process for an exam day typically fills up fast, you should move quickly.

You can easily sign up for the test day of your choice by going online and visiting the Educational Records Bureau's registration web page. Make sure that you select the right level test so that there aren't any issues in getting your child set up to take the exam they need to in order to complete their private school applications process. If you'd like to get some help registering for the ISEE, then signing up for ISEE courses with Varsity Tutors can assist you. Consider reaching out to an educational director today if you're ready to get started with the process or if you'd like to hear more about ISEE prep courses.

Breaking Down the ISEE Exam

The ISEE exam contains four levels. Each level has multiple-choice and essay questions that cover mathematics and reading. Below are the test versions and grade levels:

ISEE Versions

Grade Level of Test-Taker

Primary Level (3 versions: Primary 2, 3, and 4)

Entering 2nd Grade (Primary 2), 3rd Grade (Primary 3), or 4th Grade (Primary 4)

Lower Level

Entering 5th or 6th Grade

Middle Level

Entering 7th or 8th Grade

Upper Level

Entering 9th Grade or Above

If your student is entering the 7th or 8th grade, they would have to take the ISEE Middle Level exam. Here are its contents:

ISEE Middle Level Sections

# Questions

Time Allowed (in minutes)

Verbal Reasoning



Quantitative Reasoning



Reading Comprehension



Math Achievement




1 Writing Prompt


As the table above shows, there are five sections on the ISEE, no matter which test level your child is signed up to take. The first section of the exam, Verbal Reasoning, features questions based on vocabulary. The second section, Quantitative Reasoning, is composed of a series of math word problems. This section was designed to assess how prepared your child is to problem solve. They'll need to use their mathematical skills in the context of word problems. Third, your child will also take a Reading Comprehension test section. Here, your child will need to demonstrate that they can understand complex reading passages and answer questions based on their content. Finally, the fourth and final multiple-choice section is Math Achievement. On this test section, your student will need to show their math skills. The content of this exam will vary depending on which ISEE level your student is taking.

Lastly, the test also features an Essay section with one writing prompt. This essay will not be scored. Instead, it will be sent to the admissions director at the school your child is applying to. The admissions team uses your student's Essay response as a writing example. A strong essay could help to make your student a more attractive candidate for admission at the schools they're most interested in attending.

Clearly, there are a lot of different academic subjects your student will need to be strong in if they want to earn a good score on the ISEE examination. Of course, this is something that is often easier said than done. If your student could use a refresher on one or more of these test sections, then signing them up for an ISEE prep course with Varsity Tutors can help. In the next section, you'll get more information on how taking an ISEE prep course can help your child prepare for their upcoming exam. If you already know you want to sign your child up to work with an educator, you don't have to spend any additional time online looking up things like "ISEE tutoring near me". Instead, you can easily get them started with the test prep plan that makes the most sense for them by reaching out to Varsity Tutors today.

Finding Your Child's Ideal ISEE Prep Class

There are a few different ISEE course options that you can choose from when deciding which ISEE prep classes your child should take. The ISEE prep classes that you ultimately sign up for can be based on your student's learning style, test goals, and existing academic abilities. To get a more in-depth look at each of these ISEE course options, continue reading.

The first ISEE course option you can consider is private test prep tutoring. This ISEE course may be the right fit for your student if they've previously enjoyed working directly with their educator. Signing up for this ISEE class style gives your child the opportunity to learn from an expert ISEE class instructor through a series of one-on-one study sessions. Your child's ISEE class instructor can set them up with a customized learning plan that is based entirely on their specific academic needs. The amount of personalization that your student will get through their ISEE class could help them get more out of their study sessions.

Another test preparation option you may be interested in for your child is a small group classes. This may be the right study plan for your student if they've previously enjoyed learning in the traditional classroom learning environment. They'll get to learn from their instructor through a series of lessons that are delivered to them along with a small group of peers. This test preparation option combines the benefits of the traditional classroom learning environment with the convenience of online learning. Contact us today if you think this would be the right fit for your student.

Since your student's acceptance to a specific school can be decided by how well they do on the ISEE, they need to possess strong reading and math skills. If your student struggles with understanding those subjects, this is where an ISEE prep class comes in. In our ISEE classes, a tutor can use creative and fun methods to try to help your student comprehend a subject better. For example, if your student is at the primary level, a tutor can use objects like counters and play money to help them understand math concepts better. If you have an older student, a tutor can assist them with charts or textbooks.

Additionally, an ISEE course can help your student learn how to be more organized. Does your student struggle with studying because they have papers scattered everywhere? An ISEE course tutor can teach your student how to organize folders and notebooks neatly, so they can spend less time searching for papers and more time focusing on their work. An ISEE class can help your student with organization, a skill they can use throughout their education.

As test day approaches, there are various ways your student and a tutor can work together to prepare in an ISEE class. A tutor can review topics with your student by using flashcards or mnemonics. If your student feels a little afraid of the test, a tutor can try to ease their nerves with techniques like breathing exercises or mantras. A tutor can even issue a practice exam, which allows a student to time themselves. They can also help your student develop good study skills. It's important for young pupils to practice good study habits because they will need them if they decide to attend college.

Additionally, your student's test preparation instructor can help them develop better general test-taking skills. For instance, if your child has ever dealt with test anxiety in the past, then their educator can show them techniques they can use to overcome this anxiety while they're taking their upcoming ISEE test. Your child's teacher can also show them tips they can use to manage their time more effectively while taking comprehensive standardized tests like the ISEE. These are skills that your student will be able to utilize on their upcoming test as well as on any future exams they may take. Thus, your student can get a well-rounded learning process when they sign up for the test preparation plan of their choice. Instead of looking up "ISEE help near me" online, contact us today if you'd like to get your child started with an experienced educator.

ISEE Test Statistics

Students who take the ISEE earn a percentile rank for each section they complete. This percentile rank corresponds to their performance on the test as compared to the other students who are taking the same ISEE test level. For example, if you're student was better than 70% of the other ISEE test takers on a given test section, then they would score in the 70th percentile on that test section. This grading style allows private schools to not only get a raw score from the students that apply, but to also get a sense of how these students compare to one another academically.

The majority of students, about 54% depending on the year, end up placing between the 40th and 70th percentiles. Around 23% of students place within the 1st through 30th percentiles and the same percentage place between the 70th and 90th percentiles. If your child doesn't outperform the other students taking their ISEE level test, that's okay. They can still definitely be admitted into the private school of their choice. However, of course, earning a higher percentile score can be a big boost to their admissions chances. That's why ISEE prep courses can be such a huge addition to their study plan. You can easily sign up for the ISEE prep class that is the best fit for their needs by speaking with an educational director at Varsity Tutors today.

Getting Started

The Independent School Entrance Examination is an important standardized test that may influence the competitive private schools that your student is able to attend. That's why having a strong test preparation plan is so important. If you think your child would benefit from taking an ISEE prep class with Varsity Tutors, you don't need to spend time online looking up "ISEE tutoring near me". Instead, you can easily get them started with their own ideal study plan by contacting us today.

Our ISEE courses run on a flexible schedule, so they don't get in the way of your student's after-school activities or other obligations. In addition, we provide a Live Learning Platform for your student to speak with a tutor through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This ensures that your child can get the test preparation assistance they need without forcing you or them to make too many scheduling sacrifices. You can easily get your child started with an expert educator without having to worry about how it will fit into both of your schedules. If you want to learn more about how ISEE prep classes can assist your student, please email or call Varsity Tutors today. Educational Directors are standing by to help you get started.

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