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If your student is preparing to take the ISEE, Varsity Tutors can offer them an Albuquerque ISEE course. Students take an entrance exam like the ISEE when looking to gain admission into a private elementary, middle, or high school. An Albuquerque ISEE course is a great option for studying because it can provide an in-depth review of the ISEE that your student could find hard to achieve on their own. The ISEE could be an important part of your student's pursuit of private education. If your student is thinking about taking the ISEE, they may need help figuring out how and when to study.

The ISEE has four different versions that your student could take throughout their schooling. If you and your student are considering extra help to prepare for the ISEE, we can get you connected with an Albuquerque ISEE course. It could be just what your student needs to boost their study skills before test day arrives. An Albuquerque ISEE class can cover material in depth and put students in a position to perform at their maximum potential.

What will an Albuquerque ISEE class cover?

The ISEE has four versions, which are the Primary Level, Lower Level, Middle Level, and Upper Level. The Primary Level has three versions within itself: Primary two, three, and four. Primary two is taken when your student is entering 2nd grade. Primary three is taken when your student is entering 3rd grade, and Primary four is taken when your student is entering 4th grade. The Lower Level is taken when your student is in 5th or 6th grade. The Middle Level is taken when your student is entering 7th or 8th grade. Lastly, the Upper Level test is taken when entering 9th grade or above. All versions have lots of content, so let's look at the versions in more detail so you and your student have a better understanding of them.

Younger students face the Primary Level ISEE. Level 2 is the only one that has an Auditory Comprehension section. This section consists of six questions, and your student will have seven minutes to complete it. Your student will listen to passages and answer questions based on their content. The passages will be fiction and nonfiction. Level 2, 3, and 4 have a Reading section, Math section, and Writing sample. During the Reading section, students answer multiple choice questions to access their reading comprehension and vocabulary. The Math section uses multiple-choice questions to assess your student's math abilities and operations. Finally, for the Writing sample, the student is shown a picture and is asked to write a story based on it. This section is not scored, but it is shown to the school for them to see some of your student's writing ability and personality.

The next version of the ISEE is Lower Level. There are five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay. Concepts for your student to know for the Verbal Reasoning section are using context clues to complete a sentence and vocabulary that would be found on an elementary school spelling list. This section has 40 questions and is 20 minutes long. Topics for Quantitative Reasoning are estimation, comparison, and number logic. Your student should know about numbers, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, geometric objects, and the probability of a simple event. There are 37 questions and your student will be given 35 minutes to complete the section. Reading Comprehension focuses on main and supporting ideas, tone, style, language, and vocabulary. Your student will need to know how to find and use information from passages to answer questions, find the main idea, and locate important information in a passage. Your student will have to answer 36 questions in 35 minutes. For Math Achievement, the topics covered are whole numbers, operations, algebraic concepts, geometry, measurement, and probability and data analysis. Things your student will need to know are simple operations, estimation, decimals, percents, fractions patterns, basic 2 and 3-dimensional figures, and symmetry. 47 questions have to be answered in 40 minutes. Last is the Essay. Students get 30 minutes to answer 1 prompt. Your student will receive a prompt that would be of interest to an elementary school student. This will give the school a chance to learn more about your student.

The Middle and Upper Level ISEE have the same sections, questions, and time frame as the Lower Level ISEE. The topics and concepts just get more complex and challenging as the grade level increases.

What will my student review in an Albuquerque ISEE class?

With an Albuquerque ISEE class, your student will review all sections of the exam. The class is held in an online environment that is very collaborative. We know your student's schedule can be very busy. From homework, sports practice, and family time, your student probably has little time for much else. That's why ISEE classes start weekly and run for either two weeks or four weeks, depending on what your student has time for. You can start your class once you find the perfect fit for your student. Classes are held online in a virtual classroom, making it easy and convenient for your student. Plus, there is no need to transport your student anywhere.

Once you sign your student up for a class, they will participate in live, interactive sessions. They will have an expert instructor and classmates, making this class feel almost exactly like an in-person class. Your student will get to interact with their instructor to learn all aspects of the ISEE. This class will also give your student an opportunity to collaborate with peers. If your student is stuck on some kind of learning obstacle along the way, they can always ask the instructor for additional one-on-one assistance outside of class time.

How can I sign my student up for an Albuquerque prep course?

Varsity Tutors can easily sign your student up for a class. Just contact our educational consultants online or on the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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