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Varsity Tutors is exactly what my son needed...In just a few weeks he had a better grasp on Spanish 4 and raised his grade significantly! I highly recommend them to anyone needed additional help! Thank you!

— VT Parent

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James is incredibly knowledgeable with the German language. He explains things in a way that is easy to understand and helps tremendously with pronunciation. He also gives vocabulary that is useful for everyday conversations, but also tailors it to words that I personally need for my studies. My German comprehension has increased dramatically in the 2 months I’ve been working with him.

— Leah D

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Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

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Your child's learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right instructors to help them succeed.

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I have always wanted to learn Spanish and never have I been able to really do so. With Varsity Tutors and my fabulous tutor, I now can have real conversations. The interface is easy, my tutor can see my work and correct it with a white board function. Very pleased.

— James L

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Varsity Tutors has conducted over 130k hours of live instruction in foreign languages since 2008

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Your learning style is unique. We've successfully matched hundreds of thousands of learners to the exact right instructors to help them succeed.

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Our Spanish instructor at Varsity Tutors is very engaging and encourages both our understanding of the material as well as correct pronunciation. He is encouraging us at every turn and in just 2 lessons we have learned a great deal from him. We would recommend people to check into VT for learning a new language!

— Yusuf

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Whether you are a high school student, enrolled in college, or in the professional sphere, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a French class that can help you work toward fluency. If you are a student, you may have chosen to take French as an elective or as a required class as you work toward graduation. Many working professionals opt to learn a second language to open up new career opportunities. Others may want to learn the language because of their heritage or that of a loved one. No matter what your motivation to study French may be, it's a smart move to look for additional enrichment. We can enroll you in a French language class taught by an experienced instructor. You'll attend your sessions online in a virtual classroom alongside other learners at your level. Taking part in our French classes is an efficient, effective way to increase your knowledge of the language.

More than 350 million people around the world speak French, and over two-thirds do so fluently. French is an official language in nearly 30 countries around the globe. From North America to Europe and Africa, it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is also one of the most popular second language choices in the United States. If you have a solid background in French, you might have an advantage over other applicants for college programs or future professional opportunities.

There are boundless opportunities for bilingual professionals in the business world, and having a mastery of French can give you the chance to network with and learn from a wider range of colleagues than ever before. Enrolling in a French course allows you to practice the vocabulary and conversational skills you may need in the future with the guidance of a skilled French instructor who knows how to help students build their command of the language in efficient and effective ways. This type of interaction can help you feel more confident in your ability to communicate with your French-speaking peers.

Students who are starting a French class as part of their K-12 or undergraduate education can benefit from gaining supplemental exposure to French instruction as well. Building a strong foundation in the language can give you an advantage. As with most subjects, French builds upon itself. If you don't get a strong grasp on the basics, it can be difficult to progress successfully. Enrolling in an online French course can help you solidify your fundamental skills.

Those who are learning for personal reasons will find that there are benefits to French courses as well. Because you will be working with classmates and an instructor, you have the chance to hear French being spoken all around you. If you are learning conversational French before a trip, this can be helpful. You can work on travel phrases and essential vocabulary that you'll need to get by, whether you're headed to Paris or Montreal. Hearing and speaking the language gives you the practice you need in order to use the language with confidence.

What are some skills I can learn in a French class near me?

The French language is derived from Vulgar Latin and is one of the classic Romance languages. Students who are already familiar with Spanish or Italian may recognize some of the concepts that are shared across Romance languages, like sentence order and gendered nouns. French and English both use the Latin alphabet, so you won't have to learn how to write and read from square one. But just like any other language, French has its own idiosyncrasies that you must learn.

Budding Francophones who enroll in our online French courses receive opportunities for practice and feedback that studying alone simply can't provide. The opportunity for live, interactive practice in reading, writing, and speaking requires access to others who know or are learning French. If you are having difficulties in remembering verb endings, your instructor can teach you tricks that can help you remember that "nous" takes "-ons." Your classmates can share their own tips, too. Getting different perspectives from other students is one of the most helpful aspects of a course. With an expert French instructor there to make sure you're on the right track, you can trust the information you're getting is accurate.

One of the major differences between French and English is the use of gendered nouns. These are nouns that are classified as feminine or masculine. While some words may have a gender you may expect, such as the feminine "la robe" for "the dress," they can also seem randomly assigned, like the masculine "le taxi" for "the taxi." Along with your instructor and classmates, you can share different ways of remembering the genders of various nouns. Classes allow you to try a variety of approaches that you might not have come up with on your own.

The most essential piece of any language learning program is practice in writing, reading, and especially speaking. Speaking a new language aloud is a highly effective way to increase your retention of new concepts. When you speak French, you are teaching your body a new way to make sounds. The French language contains many features that English does not, and speaking French with a proper accent takes practice. Taking a French course gives you the chance to use your skills and keep them sharp with regular practice.

What are the benefits of French classes near me?

Students who work best in a collaborative environment thrive in our online French classes. If you like to bounce ideas off of other students and share your skills, this is a great option. Online classes take place in virtual classrooms. You will study alongside other students while being led by an expert in the French language. These courses are set up just like a conventional classroom-style course, and you will be able to ask questions and get feedback in the moment.

French language classes also offer you the opportunity to participate in group activities. Your French teacher may choose to use group exercises and discussions in your sessions, so you and your fellow students will be able to practice your new skills together. Collaborative education allows you to share knowledge with and learn from your peers. If you are having trouble remembering the trick to pronouncing nasal letters properly, a classmate could share his or her trick for accurately sounding out your en- and em- prefixes. The reverse is true, too - when you share your own strategies for French, you're able to retain the information more effectively and deepen your own understanding of the concept in question.

Every virtual French course will be taught by an instructor who's been thoroughly vetted. Not only will they be an expert in the French language, but they will also have strong communication skills. It's important to learn from someone with deep knowledge and excellent teaching techniques, particularly when you're brand new to the language. Your instructor will have the experience in French language education necessary to provide your class with a well-rounded curriculum that can help you increase your understanding. French teachers can take into account the classroom's proficiency and progress as a whole to ensure that you are moving at an efficient pace, while also taking note of the specific teaching methods that work best for each student. Plus, if you are feeling less confident in your abilities to master irregular verbs or any other topic, you can request a time to meet with your instructor outside of class hours for some one-on-one help. This is a unique perk that isn't always available to students taking French in a conventional classroom.

Perhaps the most important benefit of an online French class are the many chances you'll have to interact with your instructor and the other students. During language learning, it's critical to receive guidance from an expert in the language. Getting feedback and corrections in the moment can give you the chance to head off any bad habits at the pass. Giving and receiving constructive criticism can help you solidify French grammatical rules for yourself and others. When you enroll in a French class, your classmates will be just as motivated as you are to move their French education in a positive direction. This can be a helpful thing to keep in mind, especially if you are the kind of person who feels a bit of stage fright when you're asked to speak in front of others. Knowing that your classmates are in the same boat as you can help you feel more comfortable trying out your newfound conversational skills.

Depending on your proficiency level, your instructor might opt to teach parts of your class entirely in French. This method might sound overwhelming at first, but your instructor will only use this technique if it's appropriate for your present skill level. Immersive instruction gives you the chance to use your listening comprehension skills and increase your vocabulary on a whole new level. When you don't have English words on which to rely, you must use context clues to discern the meaning of unfamiliar words. It can be a great way for you to challenge yourself, and it can also show you that you know more than you thought you did.

Courses can also save you money while still investing in an effective way to learn French. Though you will receive face-to-face instruction from an experienced French speaker, you will split the cost between yourself and the other students. Courses are an efficient and economical way to receive additional professional guidance as you study the French language.

Where can I attend French classes near me?

The answer is "Anywhere!" when you choose French classes provided by Varsity Tutors. With classes held at a variety of times and on various days of the week, it's easier than you might have imagined to find the space for a French class in your schedule. You can select a class that takes place during the weekday hours, in the evening, or on the weekend. There are class sections that run for two weeks and four weeks, so you can choose the class length that's right for your needs. New sections begin each month, so you'll never have to wait for too long to get started in a French class.

Every group-based French class that we can enroll you in is completely online. The fact that you'll attend your class in a virtual classroom means that you can study French wherever you'd like. As long as you have internet access, you can make it to class. It's an efficient, time-saving way to learn, particularly since you don't have to waste valuable time commuting. Since you don't have to factor in the time you'd normally have to spend on traveling, this can make it even easier for you to make time for a class.

When you choose to enroll in virtual French courses, you retain complete control over your physical learning environment. Though you will be working alongside your peers, you have the ability to select a location that's both convenient and conducive to your learning. The distractions of a physical classroom aren't a factor, either, which is just one more way these courses can give you an advantage as you study French.

How can I enroll in a French class near me?

Reach out to Varsity Tutors if you are interested in enrolling in an online French course. Our educational consultants can answer your questions about virtual French instruction. We can help you find the French course that fits your needs, both in scheduling and proficiency level. Reach out to us today and get connected with an expert French instructor and a group of students just like you. Virtual courses are a convenient, effective way to get the experience you need to grow your knowledge of the French language. Call now to get signed up for the next course. We look forward to being a part of your journey toward French fluency!

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