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An FRM course from Varsity Tutors can help you as you pursue a career as a financial risk manager. An FRM course takes your needs into account, and an FRM class can help you to prepare effectively for this important certification.

The FRM certification is awarded to candidates who have passed two multiple-choice exams and have two years of relevant work experience. An FRM class can help you to become familiar with the sorts of questions and layout of these tests. Below is an example of a type of question that may appear on the exams:

Using a new risk-reporting software system, 100 reports are generated independently with an average time
of 188 seconds and a standard deviation of 60 seconds. What is the t-statistic to test the null hypothesis that
the long-run average report generation time is 180 seconds?
a. 1.14
b. 1.25
c. 1.33
d. 1.46

FRM courses take place online. Our Live Learning Platform gives you the chance to meet with the instructors for FRM classes anywhere with an internet connection. Because there is no commute, this makes it much more convenient for you to attend your FRM prep course. We want to remove as many barriers to effective test prep as possible.

In an FRM prep class, you can work with a skilled tutor on the aspects of the tests that are most difficult for you. Because you are not following a syllabus in FRM prep courses, you and your instructor are able to decide which aspects of the exam are most important for you to study. Whether you want to study a little bit of many subjects on the exam, or you wish to intensively study one or two specifics, you set your own learning goals. FRM prep classes allow you to receive helpful live feedback from your tutor. This feedback can help you to develop good habits and increase your confidence before the exam. Below is an example of a practice problem that you could work through with your tutor:

A bank had entered into a 3-year interest rate swap for a notional amount of USD 300 million, paying a
fixed rate of 7.5% per year and receiving LIBOR annually. Just after the payment was made at the end of
the first year, the continuously compounded 1-year and 2-year annualized LIBOR rates were 7% per year
and 8% per year, respectively. The value of the swap to the bank at that time was closest to which of the
following choices?
a. USD -14 million
b. USD -4 million
c. USD 4 million
d. USD 14 million

You and your tutor in the FRM prep course can devise an effective study plan for your time. Based on your goals, abilities, and learning style, this plan can help you to maximize your time in an FRM class. By developing a comprehensive study plan, you can walk into test-day feeling confident and prepared.

In addition to the content knowledge that FRM classes offer, you and your instructor can also work together to devise a study strategy for these particular exams. Because both of them are in multiple-choice format, you and your instructor can devise strategies that are effective for these particular types of questions. In addition to helping you use your time effectively on, test-taking strategies are a way for you to combat test-anxiety and help you to focus your energies.

The time you spend in an FRM course from Varsity Tutors can be a vital part of your professional career. Risk managers are in-demand with banks and financial firms around the world, and being certified in risk management can provide you with great opportunities. If you believe that the flexibility, live feedback, and personalized instruction that you receive from an FRM prep class can help you prepare for the FRM certification exams, contact an Educational Consultant online or over the phone today. They can help you register or answer questions that you may have.

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