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If you're thinking about a formal Series 3 prep course, Varsity Tutors can set you up with private Series 3 classes to help you improve your study skills. The Series 3 - National Commodities Futures Exam is a National Futures Association (NFA) exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that investment professionals must pass in order to legally trade in commodities and securities. It's considered more challenging than the Series 7 exam, which only covers securities. If you feel that you could benefit from a Series 3 course, reach out to us today to learn more about how we may be able to assist you!

One of the first things discussed in most Series 3 courses is the formatting you can expect on exam day. The Series 3 is a standardized test administered at testing centers across the country. A calculator is provided for your use, as are a pair of dry erase boards you may use as scrap paper. Both of these items must be returned to the test center at the conclusion of your testing session. The chart below provides additional information about the Series 3 test:

Question Format # Questions Time Allowed Passing Score
Multiple-Choice 120 2 Hours and 30 Minutes 70%

You might think that the Series 3 is easy because it utilizes a multiple-choice format, but some of the questions may be deceptively worded. You might want to take practice exams during your Series 3 class to get a feel for the way questions are worded. Since it is a timed test, taking practice exams under realistic conditions may help you develop effective time management strategies as well.

Once you understand the exam's formatting, you can move on to more specific content areas in your Series 3 prep class. The bulleted list below includes some of the topics you might want to go over:

Series 3 Major Subject Areas

  • Futures trading theory and basic functions
  • Futures margins, option premiums, price limits, futures settlements, delivery, exercise, and assignment
  • Types of orders, customer accounts, price analysis
  • Basic hedging, basis calculations, hedging futures
  • Spreading
  • Speculating in futures
  • Option hedging, speculating, spreading
  • Regulations

Private Series 3 prep classes allow students to concentrate on their unique areas of opportunity to improve study efficiency. For example, a test-taker who lacks a firm grasp of pertinent regulations may focus on them during their test prep. Likewise, you can spend your class time on futures if you don't completely understand them. Any questions you have may be answered promptly, as you are your instructor's sole pupil during your Series 3 prep courses.

A private instructor may also be better able to accommodate your individual learning style during your Series 3 course. If you are a visual learner, charts and graphs may be utilized to help illustrate key concepts. If you are more of an auditory learner, a lecture format may be used to help you better retain information.

We also strive to make Series 3 test prep as convenient as we can. All instruction takes place on our mobile-friendly Live Learning Platform, facilitating remote study sessions anywhere with a stable internet connection. We also try to match you with a tutor who meets your scheduling needs for added flexibility.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking a Varsity Tutors Series 3 class, contact an Educational Consultant today for more information. We look forward to helping you reach for your academic goals!

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