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Varsity Tutors can help set your student up with an Oklahoma City ISEE course that gives the hands-on assistance they need to succeed on the actual test. For many pupils, the ISEE marks their first time taking a standardized test. Due to the comprehensive nature of these assessments, which look at a wide range of topics covered in school, preparing for standardized tests can be tough. Students must mentally prepare for the exam, as well as organize and review concepts from reading, writing, English, and math. If your student isn't a self-starter or doesn't have exceptional organizational skills, this can feel like an impossible challenge. But working under the guidance of a professional instructor like the one in our course can make it much easier.

If your student is planning to enter a top private or independent school around Oklahoma City, they'll likely need to take the ISEE. Many private institutions require students entering 2nd grade all the way up until the end of high school to take this test. And how your student performs on the ISEE could play a large role in determining whether or not they get into their first-choice school.

Many students who prepared for this exam through self-study admitted that it was one of the most challenging assessments they've ever taken. However, those who studied in a collaborative environment, like the Oklahoma City ISEE course offered by Varsity Tutors, usually felt more confident and prepared on the days leading up to the exam. That's because these courses are designed to offer the perfect mixture of self-study, teamwork, and classroom lectures. They give students the opportunity to solve problems on their own or work together to overcome challenges. As a result, the pupils are exposed to a balanced learning experience that can help them better apply their knowledge on tests.

What could an Oklahoma City ISEE class help my student review?

Our course is carefully designed to cover everything on the actual test. If your student is entering the 2nd to 4th grade, they'll prepare for the Primary Level test. This assessment looks at basic Reading, Math, Writing, and Listening sections. Here, students will learn how to use basic arithmetic, read and listen for general understanding, and write short stories based on illustrated writing prompts. If your student is entering 5th grade or higher, they'll take the Lower, Middle, or Upper Level ISEE. These tests are broken down into five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Math Achievement, and an Essay portion. Let's look at each section a little deeper.

The Verbal Reasoning portion of the test looks at your student's command of the English language. Lower Level test-takers need to understand and use words based on context, while Middle and Upper Level students are expected to understand the meanings of words based on their Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon roots, as well as know the nuances between synonyms.

The Quantitative Reasoning and Math Achievement portions both look at mathematics. Math Achievement looks at particular subjects, like basic math operations for Lower Level students. Algebra, geometry, and using coordinate grids are the focus for Middle and Upper Level students. The Quantitative Reasoning portion focuses on the application of math. Here, Lower Level students will be assessed on things like estimation and number logic, while Middle and Upper Level test-takers are assessed on word problems, measurement, and a number of statistics-related concepts.

For the Reading Comprehension section, students must demonstrate their ability to read and understand key information. This means being able to extract data and use that information to answer a series of questions. Things become a little more challenging for students taking the Middle and Upper Level tests since they'll need to compare and contrast information, look at cause-and-effect relationships, and show they know the difference between figurative and literal language use. Upper Level students should also know the differences between different literary genres, as well as key defining features of each genre.

The aim of the Essay section is pretty straightforward. It looks at students' ability to express themselves using written English. Basic language use like punctuation, spelling, and grammar is used when assessing this section. Students also need to be able to organize their thoughts and present information in a logical, easy-to-read manner.

How does the Oklahoma City ISEE course help my student prepare?

Most students prefer to learn through collaboration rather than memorizing study packets and completing workbook assessments. Students taking the Oklahoma City ISEE course are able to participate in a completely virtual classroom that encourages this type of collaboration. They get to work alongside other students preparing for the same test, so they can share resources, offer tips, and work together to better understand the coursework. Combined with this is the instructor-driven lessons, which is especially helpful for pupils that need concepts broken down and explained using easy-to-understand examples.

The other main advantage of the Oklahoma City ISEE class is its convenience. Since the lessons are conducted online, your student doesn't have to rush across town to attend a class. As long as they have an internet connection, they can participate in study sessions any time of the week-even at nights or over the weekend. The class is structured to be as convenient as possible with the intention of removing some of the stress and anxiety that comes with preparing for the exam. That way, students can feel more relaxed as they study and take the ISEE.

How can I find an Oklahoma City ISEE prep course for my student?

Do you think that your student will benefit from this type of learning experience? If so, great! Many former pupils who've taken this course performed well on the assessment and got into their first-choice school. By enrolling your student in this program, you could increase their chances of also getting accepted into a top private or independent school. Call Varsity Tutors today and ask our friendly representatives for more information about the Oklahoma City ISEE course. They'll be able to help you find a program that works best for your student!

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