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Help your student pursue their first-choice private or independent school by enrolling them in a Raleigh-Durham ISEE course provided by Varsity Tutors. These courses are designed to give students a fully immersive learning experience that offers the perfect mixture of classroom lessons and team collaboration. Many students admit that this blend of instructor-led classes and teamwork was instrumental in helping them prepare for the ISEE and other standardized tests.

If your student is planning to enroll in a top independent school, chances are, they'll need to take an exam like the ISEE before they're accepted. For many students, the ISEE is the first time pupils are exposed to a standardized test. This can be intimidating for anyone who doesn't have experience preparing for comprehensive exams as it requires reviewing a lot of information that's been covered throughout their elementary, middle, or high school education. Varsity Tutors understands this, which is why we offer the Raleigh-Durham ISEE class to help students study more effectively.

Students enrolled in the Raleigh-Durham ISEE course benefit from a balanced learning experience. Lessons are conducted under the guidance of a professional instructor who's able to help your student pinpoint and overcome their weaknesses. But what really makes this course special is its team-driven approach, which encourages students to collaborate with peers preparing for the same assessment. Instead of self-studying through workbooks and other prep material, your student can share answers, ideas, and tips with their classmates so that everyone works together to understand the material. Many pupils who've studied in this way admit that collaborating with classmates helped increase their chances of memorizing and applying information reviewed in their study sessions.

What could a Raleigh-Durham ISEE course help my student review?

The ISEE is broken up into four levels: Primary, Lower, Middle, and Upper Level. Students who are entering the 2nd to 4th grade will be studying for the Primary Test. This version of the ISEE contains an Auditory Comprehension, Reading, Math, and Writing section. To pass the Primary Level test, students need to be able to summarize information after reading simple passages, answer questions based on short listening exercises, demonstrate their understanding of basic arithmetic skills, and create a simple story after being shown an image-based writing prompt.

The Lower, Middle, and Upper Level tests are a little more complicated. They all contain a Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Math Achievement, Reading Comprehension, and Essay portion. The Quantitative Reasoning and Math Achievement portions both cover math-related problems, but look at them differently. Students of all levels will encounter pure math questions on the Math Achievement portion, like geometry, algebra, and word problems. The Quantitative Reasoning section also focuses on math, but the problems are presented in ways that one might use math practically, outside of the classroom. Lower Level test-takers can expect to encounter simple arithmetic questions on the Quantitative Reasoning section, as well as problems related to probability and geometric objects. Middle and Upper Level students will be challenged with more difficult topics, like calculating measurements and percentages, using variables, and analyzing and interpreting data.

The Verbal Reason portion of the ISEE looks at your student's command over the English language. If they're preparing for the Lower Level test, they'll need to brush up on their elementary and middle school vocabulary, as well as be able to use contextual clues to answer questions. Middle and Upper Level test-takers need to have a stronger understanding of Anglo-Saxon, Greek, and Latin root words and be able to draw upon that knowledge to define and use words in their correct context.

The Reading Comprehension section is pretty straightforward, regardless of the level. Students are expected to read a passage, identify important information within that passage, and answer questions based on what they've read. Things do get a little more challenging for Upper Level students, however, as they're expected to make inferences, identify cause-and-effect relationships, and identify the character and author's intent when reading their passages.

Finally, there's the Writing portion of the exam. This section looks at your student's ability to create a well-written essay based on the instructions provided. To do well on this part of the test, students need to use proper grammar and punctuation, spell words correctly, and use verb tenses correctly. What's more, this is a great opportunity for students to let prospective schools learn a little more about them, which can be a great opportunity for students to make a good impression with their preferred school.

How does a Raleigh-Durham ISEE class help my student prepare?

First and foremost, this type of class makes it easy to cover the comprehensive material covered on the test. Their professional ISEE instructor is there to help students improve their study habits and organizational skills, prioritize study material, and come up with a plan to utilize their time more efficiently. Our Raleigh-Durham ISEE class also helps students mentally prepare for test day by getting them comfortable with standardized tests. We find that this is especially important, as succeeding on standardized tests is often a skill within itself.

Of course, one of the main benefits of enrolling in a Raleigh-Durham ISEE class is its accessibility. Despite being an online course, students are encouraged to connect with peers and collaborate as much as possible-just like they would in a physical classroom. This, combined with the fact that students can log on and study at any time that's convenient for them, makes this course as stress-free as possible. That way, students don't have to worry about overworking themselves or cramming sessions into inconvenient slots during the day. Instead, they can relax and prepare for the ISEE on their own terms.

How can I find a Raleigh-Durham ISEE prep course for my student?

Is your student one of the many pupils who benefits from engagement and genuine collaboration? If so, it's time to enroll them in our program. You can get started by contacting Varsity Tutors today and asking for more information about our Raleigh-Durham ISEE class. One of our friendly professionals will help you enroll in a class designed to boost your student's knowledge.

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