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Varsity Tutors can help students of all ages and skill levels enroll in an expert-led Raleigh-Durham Latin course, whether you're preparing to graduate from Southeast Raleigh High School, an undergraduate at North Carolina State University, or seeking to build your language skills for any other reason. Though it is considered a "dead" language, Latin can be a great way to meet your general education language requirements. Building your fluency in a new language can be challenging, particularly if you are only using the language when you're in your classroom. Latin can present a variety of obstacles that a traditional environment may not be prepared to address. You can take advantage of outside resources like those that Varsity Tutors offers to get additional support as you work to build your Latin skills.

Latin is an ancient language that was first encountered in Latium, a region of central Italy that contains Rome. When the ancient Romans began to develop literature, Latin split into two forms: Vulgar and Classical. While Classical Latin is more formal, Vulgar Latin was the more popular of the two versions. Vulgar Latin uses more prepositions and fewer inflections in comparison to Classical. In addition, it follows a stricter sentence structure and has some differences in terms of vocabulary. While Latin survived into the early modern period, it is used today in the Vatican City, the Roman Catholic Church, and to create new terms in science and technology fields. Learning Latin can be helpful if you intend to learn other languages that borrow from the language, such as the Romance languages.

You can enroll in a Raleigh-Durham Latin class to supplement your in-class learning efforts or to explore advanced Latin topics that your current course won't cover. We can help you get set up with a group course that covers the Latin sections you need to review. New sections start every month to ensure that any student can find something that works for them. Classes are listed at various times, so you don't have to worry about a schedule clash.

What kind of concepts can an instructor cover in a Raleigh-Durham Latin course?

From the beginning, Latin students face a variety of unique features that can be overwhelming at first. Some aspects of the language may be familiar, particularly for English speakers. For example, since many English words are rooted in Latin, it may be easier to absorb the vocabulary. However, unlike English, the language relies heavily on inflection, or the endings of words, to identify what is being said. As with any language, repetition and exposure are critical to your skill development. Regularly speaking, writing, and reading in Latin is necessary to ensure that you maintain your skills. Whether you're starting your first Latin course, or you simply want to maintain your strong language abilities, Latin courses can give you the opportunity to participate in effective and consistent practice.

Though you may not feel compelled to develop an "authentic" Latin accent, your instructor can help you get the hang of it, which can be invaluable to your existing reading and vocabulary skills. You can spend sessions working with your peers to build your grasp of different word endings and what they mean. For example, your instructor may spend time working with you and your classmates to understand the difference between words like "bunter" and "bunt." You can work in your class to memorize the three gender classifications of nouns: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Your instructor can offer a variety of different activities that are geared towards the many different concepts presented by the Latin language.

Your course instructor has been thoroughly vetted and assessed to ensure that they have the skills necessary to support group learning. They are fluent in Latin, allowing them to provide accurate feedback as you participate in conversational practice and reading activities. Your instructor can incorporate different forms of media to appeal to a variety of learning preferences, such as videos, in-depth discussions, poetry, music, and much more.

How does a Raleigh-Durham Latin class work?

When you enroll in a Raleigh-Durham Latin class, you can join a group of your peers in an interactive online classroom that is designed to mimic a traditional learning environment. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable and patient instructor, you and your classmates can take part in collaborative learning activities and discussions. Whether you choose to enroll in a two- or a four-week class, our educational consultants can help you sign up for a class that focuses on the section of Latin in which you need support. Your instructor can lead group discussions that focus on deepening your understanding of Latin, which can help you build your confidence in the material.

Learning with a group of peers can be a great supplement for a traditional course. This affordable and convenient option starts up with new courses every month, allowing any student to have the opportunity to build and maintain their Latin abilities. You can participate in study sessions from any location in which you have access to the Internet. Just settle in at your favorite study spot, login, and jump right into the activities. If you have trouble understanding anything about Latin, your course instructor can set aside time to work with you independently to overcome any challenges.

How can I get enrolled in a Raleigh-Durham Latin course?

When it comes to learning Latin, you don't have to go through it alone. Varsity Tutors can help you get set up with excellent Latin courses that can give you the opportunity to build your skills under the guidance of an expert instructor. Whether you're a freshman at Hillside High School entering your first Latin course or you're a professional seeking to maintain their Latin skills, there are opportunities available that can take your efforts to a new level.

If you're interested in signing up for a Raleigh-Durham Latin course, just give us a call or fill out the contact form above. Our educational consultants can help you enroll in a course that fits easily into your schedule.

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