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As you search for outside help with ACT preparation, consider using Varsity Tutors to get connected with a Miami ACT prep course. It is common for high school students like those attending Mast Academy to choose the ACT as their college admissions test. The ACT is a test that you should make a high priority if you want to attend college and continue your education after high school. A Miami ACT class is a great options for prospective undergraduate college students. If you are currently an active high school student with a busy lifestyle, online courses with Varsity Tutors can provide you with an additional resource that can assist with your ACT testing preparation and strategies.

The exam is broken down into five different sections, four of which are required. Each section has a different number of questions as well as a specific time allotment. You will need to rely on your time management skills and work efficiently to complete all of the sections of the ACT. Do not let the idea of the ACT intimidate you from pursuing further educational opportunities - a class can help! Let's take a more in-depth look into the test.

What concepts and subjects might a Miami ACT class cover?

The content that is covered in your Miami ACT class closely resembles the content on the actual ACT. The sections that are on the comprehensive exam are Math, English, Writing, Science, and Reading. The Writing section is optional. You must flex your time management skills to respond to all of the questions within the time limit. The total test time lasts about 3 hours, not including breaks. If you choose to complete the optional Writing section, you will get an additional 40 minutes to finish your essay.

The first section of the ACT we will discuss is Math. Keep in mind to review the test guidelines to ensure that you have an approved calculator to use when you arrive on exam day. The Math section includes 60 questions, and you will have 60 minutes to provide an answer to all of the questions. The subjects covered in this section include pre-algebra, elementary and intermediate algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

The next section included in the ACT is English. The time allotted for this section of the exam is 45 minutes, and you must answer 75 questions. You will be asked to respond to questions in multiple-choice, passage-based formats. The English portion is your opportunity to display your language skills. Topic development, style, tone, and thought organization are a few of the common concepts that are on the English section of the exam. You must show a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the English language to score well on this part of the exam.

The third section focuses on Science. This section will test your knowledge of biology, chemistry, Earth/space sciences, and physics. You must be able to utilize procedures, including the scientific method, and be familiar with the design of scientific investigation. One common skill that you should review is your ability to manipulate and analyze scientific data. The testing time for the Science portion of the exam is 35 minutes, and you are expected to answer 40 questions.

The last required section of the ACT is Reading. The time allotment is 35 minutes to answer 40 questions. You will be expected to answer questions that are created based on first-year college-level knowledge. You must be able to make reasonable connections between multiple texts and demonstrate an understanding of the different words and phrase meanings. You must also showcase your ability to summarize ideas.

The optional section on the ACT is Writing. Writing is the optional section of the exam, and you can choose not to complete it. You will be asked to respond to one question and will be given 40 minutes to do so. As you write your answer, you will be required to pick one of three provided responses and make a strong connection between the two. A Miami ACT course will assist you in strengthening your skills so you can reach for your full potential on the Writing section of the ACT.

What are some benefits of taking a Miami ACT course?

One benefit of taking a Miami ACT course is you will have the opportunity to work with other students. Collaborative learning and group activities can help you learn new tips and tricks to help you navigate through your ACT experience. For example, you will be able to interact with your classmates to learn different ways to to create a quick, but thorough, outline for the Writing portion of the test that can help you organize your thoughts and incorporate different types of data.

After you enroll in a Miami ACT class, you will be using a tool called the Live Learning Platform. This allows real-time interactions with your classmates and your instructor. You will be able to ask questions and discuss concepts with your instructor and other students if you need extra clarification on a concept. The option to interact one-on-one with your instructor provides additional support while taking your classes.

Another benefit of taking a Miami ACT course is accessibility. Because you attend courses online, you can participate from any location that offers internet access. You do not have to travel to campus or another meeting place to take the class. The ability to work online and access your lessons from anywhere gives you more flexibility as you enhance your preparation for the ACT. A Miami ACT course can add another helpful dimension to your ACT experience.

How can I enroll in a Miami ACT class?

You can contact a Varsity Tutors educational consultant who can help you with choosing the right Miami ACT class for you. The staff is trained to guide you in reaching for your desired educational goals. There are two and four-week class sessions with new classes beginning every week. You can find a course that can fit into your active lifestyle, whether it is held on the weekend or throughout the week. Contact Varsity Tutors for more information about a Miami ACT course.

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