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A Chicago Japanese course that Varsity Tutors can enroll you in could be very helpful if you want to learn Japanese. The island nation of Japan is incredibly unique, and many aspects of their culture developed in complete isolation. Japan's language is only one example of why this nation is so unique. In fact, Japanese is so unique that for many years experts believed that it was completely unrelated to any other language group. Today, linguistic researchers are starting to connect the dots between Japanese and a few other language groups, most notably Korean. But with that said, the Japanese language still dances to the beat of its own drum.

While learning Japanese is certainly a rewarding and interesting endeavor in and of itself, many students might be tackling this language for specific reasons. Perhaps you need to meet certain language requirements at the University of Chicago or other educational institutions. High school students might be interested in Japanese, too. Maybe you're a student at Chicago International Charter School, or at the Acero Schools Of Chicago, and you've always wanted to learn Japanese. If you get started early, it could really help in future situations, including on university applications.

Japanese might also be extremely useful in your professional career. The small island nation of Japan has a massive influence over the global economy, especially when it comes to technological innovations. There are 127 million Japanese speakers in the world, and you never know what type of networking opportunities might arise once you learn this language. Over the years, Western culture has been increasingly influenced by Japanese media, video games, and anime series. If you love these influential Japanese cultural exports, learning this language could be very rewarding.

What Might A Chicago Japanese Course Cover?

Your Japanese course will leave no stone unturned as you dive straight into this language. First of all, your course might provide a little bit of background information about the history of Japan and its language. The earliest written records we have of the Japanese language date from the 8th century.

Today, the written Japanese language has evolved into something truly unique. It's actually a combination of both Chinese-style pictographs and syllabic characters similar to our alphabet. The adopted Chinese characters are called Kanji, and there are several thousand characters used in the Japanese language. The syllabic characters are known as Kana. Within Kana, there are two syllabaries: Hiragana and Katakana. Katakana is used to write western "loanwords," such as "printer." Hiragana is often used to write verb endings, and sometimes native Japanese words. Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana are all used in combination to form Japanese sentences.

When you speak in Japanese, you'll also need to get used to some unique concepts. In Japanese sentences, verbs are always placed at the very end. In comparison, we always put verbs before objects when speaking in English. But with all that said, there are some simple elements of Japanese that will be relatively easy to master. Nouns remain the same, regardless of gender or article. Japanese also doesn't use singular or plural verbs, as that information is communicated through quantifying counter words. Future and present tenses are also the same in Japanese, and they're lumped together as "non-past" tense.

How Will I Learn With A Chicago Japanese Course?

When you sign up for your Chicago Japanese course, you'll join a virtual classroom. These fully online courses are highly interactive and collaborative in nature. This group-based approach has proven benefits, and you might this learning style especially advantageous when learning a new language. Each course is led by a highly qualified Japanese expert with strong communication skills. While these virtual classrooms might not be what you're used to, they'll still feel very much like normal classroom settings. As you learn, you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact, ask questions, and voice your opinion. And if you need extra help, you can always contact your instructor on a one-on-one basis - just as if you were waiting after class to speak with the teacher.

How Do You Sign Up For A Chicago Japanese Class?

When you sign up for a Chicago Japanese class, you'll choose from plenty of flexible scheduling options. First, you'll pick either a two-week or four-week class. Then, you'll choose from night classes, weekend classes, and even classes during your lunch break.

No matter how busy your schedule might be, we can set you up with a course that fits. Call Varsity Tutors today, and speak with our educational consultants. They'll provide you with all the information you need to book your very first Chicago Japanese class.

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