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As a tutor and teacher, it is always my goal to present material as clearly as possible and, whenever possible, have students think out for themselves what the problem at hand is and what possible solutions are. I have worked with a wide variety of students including children and adults, native and nonnative speakers, with various goals for improving their English language abilities, foreign language, math skills and other challenges. I hope students find me approachable and that I will work hard to help them get through any obstacles in the topic they choose to have me teach or tutor them. I certainly can put myself in the place of others, as I have in the past relied on tutors to get me through some tough topics.

As for other interests outside tutoring, I am very interested in languages and linguistics, as I currently teach graduate and undergraduate linguistics at Northeastern Illinois University. Outside my day job, I run and bike, and I'm interested in astronomy, nature, history and Shakespeare!

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Oregon - Bachelor in Arts, French

Graduate Degree:

Northwestern University - PHD, Linguistics

languages and linguistics, running, biking, astronomy, nature, history, Shakespeare