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Whether you're a student taking French I and are looking for something to take your studies further or are interested in learning the language independently, Varsity Tutors can offer an Ann Arbor French course that could be just the thing to elevate your French-learning experience. A French course can accommodate all kinds of schedules and all kinds of language learners, whether you're a student at Pioneer High School or the University of Michigan, or even if you're an experienced French speaker who's looking to refresh your skills. A traditional curriculum isn't always the best way to approach the complex task of learning French, and one of the most common barriers to learning any language is a lack of places to practice language skills. An Ann Arbor French course can provide you with an expert instructor who can give you feedback and direction in your studies and a group of fellow French learners to converse and study with.

French is widely spoken, with almost 300 million speakers worldwide. French is used as either the official language or the main secondary language in countries spanning the continents, and it can be heard in places as far afield as Canada, North and West Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia. You may or may not know that French is thought to be the second-most commonly used language in international communications and trade, right after English. This means that developing solid French proficiency may give your resume a boost and help you stand out, especially as our world becomes more globalized. You might be able to open up new business opportunities by learning French. And of course, French culture has a rich history and has been influential all over the world, from art and literature to cuisine. By developing your French skills, you'll be gaining access to not only the culture of France itself, but also the larger Francophone world.

No matter your interest in French, whether you're a working professional looking to expand their repertoire of business skills, a college student who's having difficulty completing their language requirements, or a Francophile who wants more access to a culture and history that spans continents, we can enroll you in a French class that can suit your needs. You'll be welcome at any level of experience, and even those with strong French skills may be able to benefit from a class that will get more French practice into your life.

What material will an Ann Arbor French class cover?

French and English share a common linguistic heritage, so at first glance you may see some commonalities, especially in vocabulary. However, French differs from English on a lot of grammatical points, and the similarities can be more confusing than they are helpful. You may already be aware that French uses gendered nouns, so you'll have to memorize the genders of any noun you learn. Plus, adjectives have to agree with the gender of any noun they reference, adding another layer of complexity. You'll also have to learn French's many tenses, many of which have irregular conjugations, and the tricky relative and complex relative pronouns. Even experienced French speakers can find some of the finer points of French grammar difficult to explain, as the quirks of the language don't always have any direct equivalents in English. And of course, you can always spend more time practicing your pronunciation and accent. Some French words are pronounced differently depending on whether the following word begins with a vowel or a consonant, so a class may cover a lot of ground.

You may be able to see from all this that there's a lot to learn for a beginner, and even if you've already got some French knowledge under your belt, there's still more to practice and master. As regular practice can be crucial to developing true confidence and skill in a language, it's important that you have outlets for your French language skills. An Ann Arbor French class can give you a place to both learn and use your French so you can build fluency.

How will an Ann Arbor French course present this material?

An Ann Arbor French class is taught online in a virtual classroom where you'll engage in group discussions with your teacher and classmates. You'll be taught by an expert instructor, and will be able to see, hear, and speak with your fellow students just as though you had gathered around a table to converse in French together. An online class like this offers some serious benefits over a traditional classroom. First off, there's the convenience factor. You won't have to worry about squeezing another commute into your busy schedule, as you'll be able to access your classroom from anywhere that you have internet access. While this might be nice for just about any kind of class, it can be particularly important for learning French. If you were to have difficulty attending a French class and miss a few sessions, you may have trouble regaining lost ground, as new material builds on past lessons. As frequent use of your French skills may be one of the most important factors in language acquisition, it may prove crucial that you have easy access to your French class.

Additionally, you may be able to imagine how helpful group discussions might be for someone looking to polish their French. At higher levels, French teachers may choose to teach entirely in French, so you can be totally immersed in the language. You and your classmates can support each other in the language-learning process and learn from each other as well. We know that one-on-one support from a knowledgeable teacher can be useful too, though, which is why an Ann Arbor French course will allow you to reserve private time with your teacher to help you get caught up on difficult concepts. In all, you can get access to an expert French instructor at a great group value.

How can I enroll?

If you reach out to Varsity Tutors, we can get you set up with an Ann Arbor French class that may transform your French experience. We can also provide you with more information about what these classes will cover, what class times are available, and when you can get started. New classes are starting every month, so there can be something that's perfect for your needs just around the corner. There can be something to suit anyone, for Huron High School students looking for something that accommodates their school schedule and extracurricular interests or working professionals who might even find something that fits a break in the middle of their work day. Contact us today and you may find yourself on your way towards mastery of the French language.

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