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If you're looking for quality San Diego SSAT prep options for your student, Varsity Tutors can help connect you with the right option to suit your student's educational and scheduling needs. The SSAT Is a standardized exam used by various admissions offices to evaluate the skills and abilities of students who are attempting to enroll in a private school or independent school. This exam assesses your student's basic math, verbal, and reading skills.

There are different SSAT tests for elementary level, middle level, and upper-level students. All levels consist of Quantitative, Reading, and Verbal sections as well as a Writing prompt. San Diego SSAT prep can assist your child in reviewing any of the topics found in the SSAT, no matter what level your student is at.

What can San Diego SSAT prep cover?

The SSAT consists of three separate sections that receive a score as well as a writing sample and experimental section that are unscored at all levels. The Elementary level SSAT is for third-grade students and fourth-grade students applying to an independent school for the next grade. The Middle-level SSAT is for students finishing fifth, sixth, or seventh grade who are looking to attend an independent middle school. The Upper-level SSAT is for students in the eighth through 11th grade hoping to gain admission to an independent high school the following school year. Let's take a closer look at what to expect at each level.

At the Elementary level, your student has an hour and 15 minutes to complete 89 total questions. Each section has its own time limit, which ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. The Quantitative section consists of questions assessing your child's knowledge of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Place value and number order, as well as fractions, should also be reviewed. The Verbal section will assess your child on his or her knowledge of synonyms, analogies, and age-appropriate vocabulary. The Reading section will assess your child's ability to locate the main idea of a passage and identify information from the text. The unscored word writing prompt in this section requires your child to write a simple story based on a picture and should include a beginning, middle, and end.

Middle-level SSAT lasts for two hours and 50 minutes and has a total of 167 questions. The time limits for each section at this level range from 15 to 40 minutes. The unscored writing sample provides your student with the two creative prompts, and he or she must select one on which to base a story. There are two Quantitative sections at this level that cover algebra, data analysis, probability, numbers, and operations. The Reading section at this level requires your student to be able to interpret meaning from narrative or argumentative texts. The Verbal section requires your student to relate ideas and words to each other logically and be able to determine the meaning or part of speech from context.

The Upper-level SSAT consists of 167 questions that your student must finish within two hours and 50 minutes. The different sections at this level vary from 15 to 40 minutes in length. The writing sample at this level requires you to be able to organize a story or essay and will assess writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, and persuasive writing techniques. There are two Quantitative sections that cover solving algebraic problems as well as various geometric concepts. The Reading section requires your student to be able to make inferences and make predictions as well as being able to determine an author's purpose, tone, and attitude. The Verbal section assesses your student on synonyms and analogies as well as prefixes and suffixes.

What are the benefits of the different types of San Diego SSAT prep through Varsity Tutors?

Varsity Tutors is proud to offer two of the best types of SSAT prep options available. You will be able to enroll your student in an online interactive prep course or sign him or her up for private instruction.

If your student enjoys a social and structured learning environment, a San Diego SSAT prep course may be the right option. Your student will be able to access life class sessions on a computer, which means courses can be attended from the comfort of your home or even at the local library. Students are able to interact directly with their teachers and classmates and participate in group activities and discussions. This could help make learning more enjoyable and also assist your student in retaining the knowledge for a longer amount of time. Your student has the opportunity to sign up for either a two-week or four-week course.

If your student works better in a personal environment, we can connect you to a knowledgeable San Diego SSAT tutor. Your student's private instructor can take the time to get to know his or her personal strengths, weaknesses, and preferred learning style. Your student will have the opportunity to move at his or her own pace, and lesson plans can be adjusted as skills and knowledge are improved. This will make study sessions more efficient since your student will not need to spend time reviewing concepts or skills he or she has already mastered. Instead, students can focus on the exact areas that need improvement.

Some students may even wish to take advantage of both options. No matter which option you go for, you can be sure your student is receiving high-quality instruction from teachers who have been vetted to have good communication skills

How do I sign up to get started in a San Diego SSAT prep class or private instruction?

The SSAT is in an important exam to consider when preparing to apply to an independent or private school. Your student will want to prepare well in order to impress the admissions office. Once you're ready to enroll your student, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Varsity Tutors. After determining your instructional and scheduling needs, we will set you up with either an SSAT course or private instructor. Call Varsity Tutors today to get connected to the best San Diego SSAT preparation options available.

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