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There are plenty of good reasons to learn French, and whether you're picking up the language at Heritage Hall or Harding Charter Preparatory High School, a college student trying to finish your general education requirements at Oklahoma City University, or even someone with French experience who wants to refine their skills, Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in an Oklahoma City French course that can help you aim for your personal language acquisition goals. Learning any language is hard and comes with unique challenges that aren't always met in a traditional classroom. Having the opportunity to practice French regularly can be one of the most crucial factors in how quickly and comprehensively you learn the language, and so seeking out opportunities to learn French in new contexts can be a great idea regardless of your current level of experience. An Oklahoma City French course aims to provide you with a community of fellow French learners and the feedback of an expert French instructor.

You may already know that French is widely spoken, but you may be unaware that it is generally considered the second-most commonly used language in international communications and business, right up there with English. There are almost 300 million French speakers out there, with French being used as the official or secondary language in countries as varied as Lebanon, Canada, Switzerland, Algeria, Monaco, and of course France. This means that mastering French may add an extra edge to your resume, particularly as globalization continues to expand, and bilingualism can open up new business opportunities.

Of course, you don't have to have a professional interest in French to want to learn more about French language and culture. France has had an influence on global art, culture, literature, and cuisine for a long time, and by mastering French, you can be gaining access to not only the culture and history of France itself but also the broader Francophone world. Regardless of your personal goals in learning French, we can get you enrolled in an Oklahoma City French class where you'll be welcome regardless of your background or level of experience.

What sort of material will an Oklahoma City French course cover?

As with any language, French has a long list of idiosyncrasies. As a Romance language, French does share some common linguistic history with English, so you may see connections between the two languages. A strong English vocabulary will help you understand the meanings of French words. When it comes to grammar and the finer points of the language, though, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory. In an Oklahoma City French class, you'll learn about the many tenses of French, many of which have irregular conjugations that you'll have to commit to memory. You'll also have to get comfortable with French's gendered nouns. Direct object pronouns (le, la, les) will require you to know the genders of any objects you want to refer to, as will adjectives. As you advance you'll also start to encounter French's relative pronouns (ce qui, ce que, ce dont, etc.) and complex relative pronouns (avec lequel, sur lequel, and so on), which can be tough to fully understand.

Depending on how advanced your French skills are, you may or may not already know some of this material. But both novices and experienced speakers can benefit from getting more time speaking French into their daily lives, and a group class can be a great way to do that. If you're just getting started, a class can be a great way to improve basics like pronunciation and to start speaking simple sentences in conversations, and more proficient French students will be able to really dig into to the nuances of the language with other students at their level.

How will an Oklahoma City French course help me learn?

An Oklahoma City French class is presented in an online classroom by a highly equipped instructor, where you'll be able to see and speak with your classmates and instructor just as if you were gathered in a room together. Your instructor will lead you in group discussions, which as you might imagine can be a great way to practice your spoken French. Even when you're helping classmates learn material you're already confident about, you can be reinforcing your own understanding. If you're a more advanced student, your instructor may even choose to teach entirely in French so you can experience an immersive language environment that can be highly effective in helping you learn.

An online class has some advantages over a traditional classroom. For one thing, there's the convenience factor, which can be very helpful for French learners. While not having to worry about a commute can be a draw for any class, it might be particularly important for anyone trying to learn a language, as consistent practice can very important to your learning outcomes. Having easy, unimpeded access to a classroom where you'll be able to speak, read, and write in French may make a difference in how easily you pick up the language.

A group class also offers a great value by giving you access to a rigorously vetted, expert instructor at a group price. You'll even be able to reserve one-on-one time with your instructor, so if you find yourself falling behind or having difficulty with certain subjects, you can get back up to speed in no time. These classes have been designed so that they can offer many routes to success to many types of students. An online class also allows more class times to be available, so if you're a busy professional looking to squeeze something into a break in your work day, or a student looking for extra help on the weekends, there may be a course that's just right for you.

How can I get enrolled?

If you contact Varsity Tutors today, we can give you more information on the classes on offer and what class times are available so you can get set up with an Oklahoma City French class quickly. Classes start on a rolling monthly basis, so there's always something new around the corner. Get in touch with us and you can be well on your way to pursuing your language learning goals, no matter your schedule or your level of proficiency.

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