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Make a call to Varsity Tutors if you are interested in taking a Spokane Latin course. If you are a high school student at Lewis & Clark High School, Ferris High School, or any other high school in the Spokane area, you may be taking Latin in school to fulfill your general education requirements. Taking additional classes can help you keep up with what you are learning in school and give you an opportunity to review what you've learned in a comfortable environment. If you are an undergraduate at Gonzaga University or another Spokane university, consider taking Latin courses if you are interested in studying literature, Roman history, or poetry. Adult learners can benefit from studying Latin, too.

The first known encounters of Latin were in Latium, which is the area in Italy where Rome was located. Vulgar Latin, the version of Latin spoken by the common folk and soldiers, continued to spread throughout the period of the Roman Empire. Classical Latin was a more refined version of the language, used by the upper class and in literature. It was heavily influenced by Greek. Vulgar Latin was different than Classical Latin in a number of ways. For example, in Vulgar Latin, prepositions were used more frequently, while inflection wasn't employed as often. It also had a slightly different vocabulary. Throughout the Middle Ages and into the beginning of the modern age, Latin was still spoken. Eventually, it died out as a commonly spoken language.

In the 17th century, there were efforts to restore Classical Latin. However, these efforts were not very successful. European languages, such as English, French, and Italian, were on the rise. They were classical languages of their own by that time, with their own literature and poetry. By the 19th century, Latin had been pushed to the side by the vernacular languages.

Latin is generally considered to be a dead language. It is not the native tongue of any community. However, it is still used. The Roman Catholic Church uses Latin in all of its official communications. In addition, it is the official language of Vatican City. Latin is not just relevant for religious purposes, however. It is also highly relevant for scientific purposes. When scientists and researchers need to come up with new words and terms for discoveries that they make, they often rely heavily on Latin as a source.

Latin greatly influenced the English language. Studying Latin is often easier for English speakers, as many words bear similarities. The Roman alphabet is used in English, Spanish, and other European languages. Many other languages around the world use the Roman alphabet as well. For example, Asian languages such as Tagalog, Malay, and Vietnamese all make use of the Roman alphabet.

How can I benefit from taking a Spokane Latin course?

While Latin has some similarities to English in terms of its vocabulary, and while it did influence the English language to a great extent, it is still a very different language. There are rules that you will have to learn, and your Spokane Latin class instructor can help you out.

For example, your instructor might focus on helping you understand adjectives. In Latin, adjectives change based on the gender of the noun they are being used in conjunction with, as well as with the form of the noun (singular vs. plural). With Latin verbs, there is no need for a pronoun, and the ending of the verb usually indicates who is carrying out the action. Your instructor can focus on Latin grammar and teach the class how to structure Latin sentences correctly.

Latin pronunciation is another thing your instructor might focus on. While there is no pressure to learn an "authentic" Latin accent, you should still try to improve your Latin fluency. This can aid you when reading Latin literature, studying Latin texts, or enjoying Latin poetry.

What will taking a Spokane Latin course be like?

New Latin course sections start each month, so you will not have to wait long in order to start your Latin instruction. Enrolling in a Spokane Latin class is a simple and easy process. After enrolling, you will be able to study in our virtual classroom. The class takes place over the internet, and all of the students are able to interact with each other and with the instructor of the class.

Studying in a class can give you an opportunity to ask questions. By having a set time when you attend class, you can avoid unproductive behaviors that slow down your learning, which often happens when studying alone. Taking a Latin class can be beneficial even if you have studied Latin before. It can help you discover gaps in your knowledge and bolster the knowledge you already have. Your instructor can give the class continuous feedback so that students can constantly improve their fluency in the language. Your class instructor can conduct group discussions. These discussions might focus on topics like Latin grammar, Latin literature, or Latin word meanings.

If you feel as if you could benefit from some private time with your class instructor, you can request that as well. This way, you can get an opportunity to correct your mistakes and ask questions without any embarrassment. We designed our classes to give students as many avenues of education as possible for improving their Latin.

What is the best way to get started with a Spokane language course?

If you want to start your Latin instruction, get in touch with Varsity Tutors. The same goes if you want to get a chance to improve your Latin, review what you are learning in your Latin classes at school, refresh your knowledge of what you learned years ago, or simply get a chance to practice your Latin with a group of Latin speakers. Our educational consultants can help you find a language class that works best for you. We know that different students will have different schedules, and our consultants can help you find a class that works with your schedule. Call today to get started!

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