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I majored in both Classics and Chemistry at Colgate University (2011-2015) and I continued my study of the classics at the graduate level at Columbia University (2015-2016). While I am confident in both my quantitative and verbal skills, I consider my primary strength to lie in standardized test-taking, the process of which I profoundly enjoy, strange as it is to say.

To my mind, taking a test imparts the same kind of pleasure as listening to your favorite kind of music. You have a certain, almost intuitive sense of what to expect: certain instruments might be playing at a certain tempo, while the general format of the examinations almost never changes. Even so, there's always something new at hand: notes can be combined into chords played in different orders, and the numbers of a math problem might be altered. Listening to music and taking tests both reward perseverance: one might notice nuances and subtleties in one's favorite song and hearing it repeatedly, and a person's objective score on a test will inevitably increase through constant exposure. Most importantly, a sense of rhythm is invaluable, quite literally in the case of listening to music but figuratively in the case of test-taking, where you develop your personalized method to remaining calm in the face of more challenging problems in a time-efficient manner.

Outside of academia, I am interested in drama, literature, and dance. I consider myself agreeable and patient.

Undergraduate Degree:

Colgate University - Bachelors, Chemistry, Classics

Graduate Degree:

Columbia University in the City of New York - Masters, Classics

ACT Composite: 32

ACT English: 34

ACT Math: 33

ACT Reading: 32

ACT Science: 30

SAT Composite: 2210

SAT Math: 700

SAT Verbal: 740

SAT Writing: 770

GRE Verbal: 166

SAT Subject Test in Physics: 740

SAT Subject Test in U.S. History: 740

Drama, dance

AP Latin


College English

Foreign Language



High School English

Latin 1

Latin 3

Latin 4

Middle School


Quantitative Reasoning

SAT Subject Test in Latin

SAT Subject Tests Prep

SAT Verbal