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Whether you are a Ballard High School student who is looking at international travels after you graduate, you're a University of Washington freshman who needs help with your requisite language classes, or you simply are a fan of the Korean culture, a Seattle Korean class with Varsity Tutors can help you acquire the level of proficiency that you desire in this popular and fascinating language.

The Korean language has its own unique challenges, which is why a Seattle Korean course can be particularly beneficial. Because it is considered a language isolate - meaning that it shares no common genealogical ancestor with any other language - learning it can present you with some initial difficulty. However, you can get help from a Seattle Korean course.

What can I learn in a Seattle Korean course?

Korean is the mother tongue of over 75 million people spread across both North and South Korea, with North Korea having about 24 million speakers and South Korea with 48 million native speakers. While there are some grammatical disputes between these two countries, they both tend to agree with the general syntax and vocabulary of this language. Korean isn't isolated to these two countries, either; speakers can be found in China, Russia, and even the United States. The world is growing more global every single day, which is why learning Korean can be so vital to help you not only in your studies, but in your professional career.

Taking a Seattle Korean class can introduce you to the various rules of this complex language. For instance, unlike English, which depends on word order to clearly convey a thought, Korean requires you to hear the entire sentence before you can properly glean the meaning. The tense of the sentence isn't revealed until the final word is expressed. Furthermore, a Korean sentence must always end in a verb or adjective, which varies starkly from English. An example of the sentence structure may resemble something like, "I the dinner ate," whereas English would say, "I ate the dinner." Korean verbs must always conjugate in the same style, regardless of whether there are singular or plural subjects used in the sentence. While this may seem grammatically incorrect at first, with time and practice, you can train your ear to recognize the correct way to speak and write Korean.

A Seattle Korean course can also help you learn how to communicate with respect when talking to a Korean speaker. Korean has various speech levels (including formal polite, informal polite, and casual) and these levels can change depending on the targeted audience. When you take a Seattle Korean class, you can learn all of these rules, as well as common vocabulary terms, correct pronunciation, and even the history and culture of the Korean people.

How can I sign up with a Seattle Korean class?

A Seattle Korean class can be a refreshing alternative to conventional classroom settings. Because it isn't constrained by a traditional brick-and-mortar environment, you can learn Korean from the comfort of your own home in our virtual platform. Instead of worrying about trying to maneuver your way downtown during rush hour, you can choose from many scheduling options to help you find a time that works best for you.

Learning a new language can take time and commitment before you truly feel as though you have a good understanding of it. A Seattle Korean course can give you the opportunity to speak with your instructor directly and get prompt feedback for your questions as well. You can even talk to your classmates during your class session, too, which can help you feel more comfortable with your studies. If you find that you are struggling with learning the key concepts or materials covered in your Seattle Korean course, you can always request one-on-one time with your instructor to help improve your confidence.

The Korean language is growing more ubiquitous daily, making it more important than ever to learn it. Whether you are a senior at Garfield High School who is on the cusp of graduation and want to expose yourself to a new culture, or a freshman student at the University of Washington who recognizes the value of learning a new language for your undergraduate major, a Seattle Korean class that Varsity Tutors can enroll you in can help you get a solid grasp of this language. For more information on course offerings, or to learn how you can get enrolled, please give us a call or reach out online today!

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