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By reaching out to Varsity Tutors, you can begin your exciting first steps in mastering a new language by enrolling in a Richmond Korean course. Whether you are a Huguenot High School senior who is considering an international internship with a Korean corporation after you graduate, a Virginia Commonwealth University freshman who needs a little additional help with your college language requirements, or you're simply a cinephile who is obsessed with Korean films, a Richmond Korean course can help you master this complex language.

As the world grows more globalized, more and more jobs are moving into countries outside of the United States. Many major corporations are based in Korea, and learning Korean may give you an advantage when considering a position in any of these careers. Korean is a widely popular language, with 75 million people located across North and South Korea claiming it as their native tongue. Learning it, therefore, can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

What can I expect to learn from a Richmond Korean class?

As a language isolate, Korean has seemingly sprung up without any direct ties to any other language in the world. Because of this, learning it can be initially difficult, as there are no other languages that it closely resembles. However, a Richmond Korean class can help you train your ear to the unique tones of this language, which can help you grow more confident as your proficiency increases.

Korean varies greatly from English in many ways. For instance, while the English language relies upon the subject-verb-object order to convey a point, Korean instead depends on a subject-object-verb structure. The tense of a sentence (past, present, or future) is not revealed until the sentence is completed. This means you need to read or hear an entire sentence before you can determine what is being stated. While a sentence in English may read as "I baked the cake," in Korean you might say, "I the cake baked." While this can seem tricky and somewhat confusing at first, you can grow more comfortable with this sentence format when you take a Richmond Korean class.

This isn't the only nuance of the Korean language, either. Korean verbs do not conjugate based on the subject of the sentence, but rather on the level of respect that the speaker has toward his or her audience. The speech level used will depend largely upon how formal the sentence is and whether the speaker prefers to use a formal polite, an informal polite, or even a casual speech level. A Richmond Korean course can help you learn how to not only recognize these speech levels to avoid embarrassing communication errors, but it can also help you learn the vocabulary of the language, the common phrases that are used in daily life, and the correct pronunciation of Korean words.

How can I start my enrollment in a Richmond Korean class?

Your schedule is probably quite busy with school, work, extracurriculars, and family commitments. You may think that you don't have time to study another language, but a Richmond Korean course can be very easy to fit into your packed schedule. Because these courses are entirely online, you don't have to stress out about trying to make the commute to a conventional classroom environment. There are also classes that run on not only different days of the week, but at various times of the day, too. That means that it can be quite easy to find one that suits your hectic lifestyle.

A Richmond Korean class can connect you to a highly trained and enthusiastic teacher who can answer all of your questions in a real-time setting. Not only can you get prompt feedback from your instructor, but you can also expand your vocabulary by chatting freely with your classmates during your studies. If you find that you are struggling to grasp any of the material covered in your Richmond Korean course, you can always ask your instructor for additional one-on-one time to help you improve your language skills.

Whether you're an Armstrong High School senior who wants your college applications to include the Korean language, a Virginia Commonwealth University student who wants to work in a global market after you graduate, or you just really like Korean foods and want to read the recipes in their original language, a Richmond Korean class with Varsity Tutors can help you improve your confidence when speaking or reading Korean. For more information, or to start your enrollment process today, please give us a call now!

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